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Add an option to see the original mail from the client (with the original HTML formatting etc.)

Now any mail imported to the ticket system is converted to plain text by using the strip_tags function.
This means that we cannot see the mail as the customer intended us to see (like colors, pictures with HTML tags or any other formatting of the email).

I understand the security reasons and concerns - but maybe the best way to address this issue is to allow admins to manually choose if this ticket is safe (i.e came from someone that you trust - and you expect such a mail) - and if so to allow WHMCS to show the ticket without the strip_tags function.
So a ticket will be imported to WHMCS without the HTML formatting - but admin will have the option to choose if this is a safe ticket that can be shown with the original HTML formatting.
Something like the option in gmail or outlook to download / show pictures if you want.

Another option is to completely separate it from the ticket - by opening such a ticket / original mail in a browser.
So a ticket will be imported to WHMCS without the HTML formatting - but an admin can click some button to see the original mail (with all the formatting etc) in a web browser that will be separated from WHMCS).
What do you think?
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    Convert HTML emails from clients so they show in the admin as intended by the client
    Hi,We get the following types of emails from clients:Replies to our emails where in their email client they use a different color text to separate their reply from our question.Same thing but they use bold.They use bulleted lists from time to time.We need to see them as they were intended.


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I send a CC email copy of all support emails to a gmail account for every piped email - that way, if it gets missed in WHMCS or if there are attachments that WHMCS doesn't like - or some other failure, I have a copy of it. Plus, WHMCS doesn't handle forwarded emails very well (strips out all the addresses etc) and clients often don't realise this - so being able to look at the Gmail copy (including all the headers) is really essential. I would encourage you to do the same.
Why is this still a request?
ramf shared this idea 4 years ago <--- years going... change waiting.
this is a important need
Please vote and share this important feature request so other will know about it and vote also.
You have no idea how absolutely necessary this is!

We, like many hosts, use WHMCS for our [email protected] address. When an abuse report for spam comes in, the message is clipped and we can't see it. Nor can we see headers.

And when an HTML message comes in with a hyperlink, it's stripped so we can't click it. And since WHMCS deletes the original email after importing from the mail server, we need to do some funky stuff to get it back.

C'mon WHMCS, this is one of the most basic features you could imagine. Simply grabbing the message source and putting it into a viewable text box or downloadable .txt file would take you less than a day's work. We need it! Please!
This would save so much time!
This is sorely required.
We have a lot of problems with content missing in tickets that leaves us unable to deal with tickets.
For example emails from domain registrars, which have links in them to approve domain transfers, which we cannot click because there is no link.
We have to go and extract the mail from the deleted folder of the mailbox when this happens, which is a royal PITA.
I am in agreement.

Client just sent me an email saying "what do you think of this newsletter design".

Email in WHMCS is basically stripped of all html.

My workaround at the moment so I dont look inept is I route a copy of support emails to a folder in my email account so I can refer to the email the client is talking about, not ideal for large teams but works for now.

WHMCS does need to put something in to give US THE USERS the choice to display html or not.
Yes, I think this would improve the ticket system to such an extent that it would make it even more usable.
Please do this! It hurts the ticket system so much!
yes, WHMCS fix this now after many years, many are using Gmail also as a backup only to read or see the mail contents better than in the ticket system.
This would be handy when a client forwards an email as currently the forwarded portion is stripped from the ticket.
At the very least, keep the original email as an accessible attachment.
Agreed, the current strpi html creates two frequent problems

1. hurts efficiency : many sending email clients end up putting a huge amount of formatting code into the plaintext email ticket message as a result. This actually makes out staff job harder because they now have to fish through the message for the real message in and around the header/formatting code. It wastes our time and makes us less efficient.

2. Client intended messaging : clients, like the OP said, use colours and basic formatting in their message to convey their meaning. We lose this so end up having to ask the client for more clarification, which usually just slows things down and ticks them off for having to repeat themselves.