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Connect Prefex CRM support wo WHMcs

  • Dinuka Perera shared this idea 3 years ago
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We suggest you connect Prerfex CRM support to WHMCS

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Any updates on it ?
definitely would like to see perfex CRM integrated,

Perfex has a lot of functionality that is missing from WHMCS.
It's a fantastic CRM with push notifications, and the latest update adds Twilio SMS and other enhancements.
It is, without a doubt, the best self-hosted solution.
HR and payroll are the only things that are missing. Otherwise, the whole we studio solution would be the best option.
Hi Dinuka,
Thanks for your suggestion.

To help turn this idea into actionable work, what kind of thing do you foresee such an integration doing?
What problem or current manual action would this help resolve?
Hi! It would be great to have both systems connected.
Such as tu have the options to create customers on Perfex CRM when creating a customer in WHMCS, with a checkbox to send to Perfex, for example and an option to have it done always automatically, as a choice. In the "add new client" admin page in WHMCS there could be a row for these options connected to Perfex. Also it could be great to select what type of contact are we adding to Perfex: if client, lead and its status.
You could also implement the opposite direction: from Perfex to WHMCS, via the Perfex module.

As above, other triggers and actions would be nice, such as the ones offered by Zapier:
So we don't need to pay extra $19 or $49/month in order to keep our systems connected.
perfex has project management, tasks, quotes, estimates, contracts, proposals and a better ticket system.
All of these should be accessible from whmcs with user sync.
it would also be useful to have the option to use Perfex ticket system instead of WHMCS and have the tickets accessible via whmcs.