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Select several files to delete from a ticket - instead of one at a time

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Please add a way to select several files to delete from a ticket - instead of one at a time.

Now when deleting a file from a ticket we have to click the "delete" button under such a file and then click the "Are you sure you want to delete this attachment?" message - and after doing so the ticket get refreshed / reloaded.

We need a way to simplify the process by selecting several files to delete and then clicking on a mass delete button or something like that.

Any way - please add a way to delete several files from a ticket at once and not one at a time.



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This is needed.
I have a ticket that is so loaded with attachments that it will take me more than 2.5 hours to remove all the attachments from...
Bump... Can you please add such an option?
I have some tickets with lots and lots of unnecessary attachments - and deleting them one by one is crazy.
Also - since the ticket have so many attachments it's rally slow down the system - what's making deleting them even slower.
Please add your vote...