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Add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system

Can you please add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system?

Now we can sent emails to our customers via the ticket system, but sometime sending an email is not good enough and we need to send SMS to the customer regarding his case (with urgent information or when there is a problem with his mail or after sending several mails without a response etc).

There are several modules that add SMS support to WHMCS (you need to buy the module and to have an account with a SMS gateway provider):

and probably some others as well.

There is also a free module (you still need to have an account with a SMS gateway provider):

But none of the modules above are connected to the ticket system.

I think that adding a "send as SMS" option to the tickets system will help lots of customers using WHMCS ticket system.

Main aspects of the system should be:

1. Add the option to send and receive SMS to and from a [u]specific contact[/u] that the ticket is opened on - via the ticket system (add another tab like the reply tab - or add an option to select if the reply will be sent via sms or mail).

Please note that the SMS should be sent to the relevant contact only - not to any other phone number.
Maybe there should also be a way to add an ad hock number to sent the SMS to.

See Untitled1.png attached.

2. Each SMS (sent or received) should be added to the regular correspondence in the ticket system. There should be an indication if the massage was sent or received via SMS

See Untitled2.png attached.

3. There should be a way to use the predefined reply to send SMS (If we use a new button in the same tab - like option #2 in Untitled1.png - there shouldn't be a problem).

What do you think?



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I think the ship is turning on this and now SMS seems to be picking back up in popularity due to high volumes of email SPAM. Go figure.
It would also be nice if we had read receipts for our emails , I tried using the bcc to use hubspot read receipts but it did not work
Clients may not say they want it, but we're literally doing this manually right now. We're sending out a support ticket then sending a text to say we sent out a support ticket
@ramf We went down the exploratory path with another vendor to build a custom module to do this. While this doesn't sound trivial, it's actually way more complex than it sounds. Shortly after that, we sent out a questionnaire to our customers to see if they would value that feature, and if not, why. The response was overwhelming low for wanting this feature. The reasons they stated was they already get too many texts via SMS. Just a thought on this.
@Eric Caldwell
1. None of them provide ticket replay with SMS. the modules you are referring to can send alerts by rules etc - but none of them are part of the ticket system the way we are talking about.
2. Having a module to do some very important (and maybe basic) tasks is not a good solution. it cost money, (ModulesGarden have some very expensive modules - much more then the cost of WHMCS), you have to wait for 3rd party company to update the module before you can upgrade to the new WHMCS version etc.
We want to add important features to WHMCS - it will improve the system, increase customers loyalty and will help our customers.
@Darren, there are at least 3 third party modules that provide SMS features out there. One from ModulesGarden
This is getting more and more urgent. Support tickets are probably the feature we use the most on whmcs now. We plan our team meetings around it and all projects start with a support ticket.

Unfortunately for customers it's now a hassle for them to check email. So we end up sending them a ticket and them sending then a message via SMS , Whatsapp, fb messenger, or some other channel.

At first I would say, that's ridiculous and think that customers should just check their emails. However the reality is that the world is moving to omnichannel communication and we can't ignore that. Systems like zendesk support all channels, and they are making it the standard.

At the very least we should have a notification to any channel with a URL that user can click on to see the message. But ideally we should be able to send the entire message to other channels and see responses in whmcs ticketing system.
+1 we need some form of alternate notification. Many of my customers tend to ignore the tickets and reach out to me by text.
many times customer opens a ticket to say email is down or they have lost their password, so we need to send them a new password via SMS as trying to give complex passwords over the phone is a nightmare.
This would be AWESOME!
Take a look at , this is connected to the ticket system as well as others

Are you sure?
As far as I can see this is something completely different from what I'm talking about.
See in the attached file the full explanation.
Great Idea - with WhatsApp there will be no need to have a SMS gateway provider
Could add also send message by whatsapp too