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429 Votes
Whatsapp Client Notifications

Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the wh...

266 Votes
Ability to exclude configurable options from promotion discounts.

Have had issues with promo codes also discounting cPanel or additional IP's instead of just the product we wish to discount. There seems to be no iss...

222 Votes
Dependent Configurable Options

When you're offering dedicated servers, you are more than likely to have an endless list of configurable options for the customer to build his server...

170 Votes
Expense - Balance Feature

I don't mean Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, or similar, but the ability to enter expenses (Our Hosting fees, Our Domains payments, our scripts renewals, e...

152 Votes
Support Ticket Timers

We should have the ability to implement timers, just like Ubersmith.. should we need to follow up with a client (sales lead) and or support maintenanc...

117 Votes
Ability to create extra tabs in the Admin Clients Summary

At times, there is need for additional information to be viewable from the Clients Profile which can allow, by means of editable template, the ability...

85 Votes
Allowing a Client to be Assigned to Multiple Client Groups

It would be very helpful if you could assign a client to multiple client groups. As it is now, you can only assign them to one group. However, the a...

66 Votes
Customise Domain Sync batch size above 50

We have 6000+ active domains right now. With the domain sync cron set to run every hour (the most frequent available setting) and syncing 50 domains o...

19 Votes
Change currency rate source

WHMcs uses a currency rate source that is unable to convert automatically some currencies like ARS (Argentine peso).I see similar requests for other c...

9 Votes
Add Friendly URLs for addon modules

Currently addon modules do not have Friendly URLs like other areas of WHMCS. Besides not being "friendly" to users, the links are not Search...

18 Votes
Revolut Merchant API - Payment Gateway

Please add Revolut Merchant API, they offer very low cost merchant services which for a lot of businesses will be cheaper than Stripe who keep hiking...

12 Votes
Modify FROM and REPLY-TO in Ticket Notifications

I need to all emails sent by my WHMCS have a FROM Address: [email protected] emails sent by the support tickets are being sent by their email (...

12 Votes
Allow CIDR notation in "API IP Access Restriction"

This would be extremely useful for IPv6

24 Votes
IP Range in API IP Access Restriction and Whitelisted IP

We need the Ability to add IP Range in API IP Access Restriction and Whitelisted IP in General Settings -->Security. This is a must nowadays and a...

134 Votes
Prevent invoices from being changed

Once an invoice has been "issued" accounting practice in some countries does not allow for the invoice to be modified.I know from a technica...

36 Votes
Allow clients to cancel product addons

Currently if a client wishes to cancel a product addon there's no option to do so other than create a support ticket. It would be great if customers c...

9 Votes
Adding More Domain Statuses / Custom or Add Domain Statuses

Good DayWe hope that you are well.We humbly suggest that more domain statuses be added to WHMCS or that the user be allowed to customise and add domai...

10 Votes
invoice display order

whmcs support said we can't change the order, then i request this featurein client area, section invoices, when invoices are displayed it is in order...

9 Votes
Please add opcache caching to WHMCS

Hi, Please add support for opcache caching.As far as I know it is the only solution officially supported by PHP developers. The benefits are increased...

6 Votes
InvoiceCreated hook point without requirement to send email

A business has the need to sell products with differing rates of tax, currently WHMCS offers one rate of tax across all products.To implement this on...

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3 Votes
New Order >> Many services/domains/etc >> If no Client selected, reloads to error (loses all order items/EPPs)

Hi there,At the moment, via the Admin Area, if you compose a New Order and forget to choose a client, it will let you submit/reload the page and then...

  • Admin Area
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1 Votes
Automatically Complete services after x days

As a design and services agency, we primarily provide one-time services, it would be beneficial to us for WHMCS to add an option to products of settin...

3 Votes
cPanel licensing module: Update status once expired

Currently the cPanel licensing module does not automatically update its status when a license is expired from WHMCS, as such the client may receive er...

0 Votes
Show price details of new product on upgrade/downgrade order confirmation email

As a hosting provider a change that would provide more clarity to my clients placing upgrade/downgrade orders, would be the inclusion of the regular r...

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3 Votes
on demand service renewal not triggering "service due for renewal soon" notification

Hi. I've recently activated the "On-Demand Renewals" option, leaving the default values, so 366 days for annual renewal.It's all fine, excep...

4 Votes
Passthrough tax metadata to gateways

We have been using WHMCS with Stripe for quite some time and have began to notice that while WHMCS is recording any sales taxes that are collected, th...

  • Payments/Billing
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9 Votes
Making the Paypal more customizable

Currently, the Paypal Gateway allows you to choose Paypal, Pay Later, and Credit or Debit Card. What happens if you have more than one payment gatewa...

1 Votes
Customizable invoice reminders

WHMCS offers only one invoice reminder time, which, to me, is a bit insufficient. I find that a 2 week reminder is "ok" for an annual custom...

4 Votes
improve username creation

When creating usernames, the only option is a random name or the first 8 chars of the domain.This is so outdated now.When creating products/services,...

Ability to download PDF invoices in admin language

Hello,As an admin, I would like to be able to download PDF invoices in my admin language.For example, if my admin language is English, I would like to...

  • Completed
  • Admin Area
[aWHMCS] Add Clients

It would be very beneficial to every one if aWHMCS could add clients.

  • Completed
  • Mobile App
Android App - Ticket Display

In the Android App, since you can only display a maximum of 20 response for each ticket, why not display the most recent 20 responses instead of the o...

  • Completed
  • Mobile App
New Boxed Style for Knowledgebase Home

DearThe knowledge base should be improved and has had the same format for quite some time, and as whmcs has already raised its values some time ago, i...

  • Completed
  • Support
Ticketing System should obey RFC 3834 regarding auto-responses

The ticketing system should obey RFC 3834 and not auto-respond to mails coming in that are themselves auto-responses as indicated by the headers:Auto-...

  • Completed
  • Support
Disable or edit Security Questions by user or globally

Many users don´t remember the answer and call for support.. but i can´t reset, disable or edit from Admin.... and it is really annoyng i have to:a) gi...

  • Completed
  • Clients
"Test Email" button so we can get the email ourselves before clients get the emails

Can we have a "Test Email" button so we can get the email ourselves before clients get the emails?In this way we can spot errors before send...

  • Completed
  • Email
WHMCS 'child themes' in WordPress style to make upgrades less work

WordPress implements a feature called Child Themes to allow changes to be kept separate from the core files. When an upgrade is made, the core files...

  • Completed
  • Client Area
Bootstrap 4 Support

Update WHMCS to Bootstrap 4 instead of 3.3.7.

  • Completed
  • Client Area
Select several contacts when opening a ticket

Hi, When we open a ticket on behalf of a client we can select one contact that the ticket will be open on (sadly he will be CC on the ticket ant the t...

  • Completed
  • Admin Area