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Reinstate Bulk Domain Transfer & Registration Feature

WHMCS previously contained a very useful client facing bulk domain transfer/registration form.It allowed the client to enter up to 20 (I believe this...

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Grace and Redemption Figures cant be set in non core currencies

For those of us in Europe or other similar locations where we need to set more than one currency the Grace and Redemption prices should be able to be...

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Currency Per TLD

Some domain name registrars (wholesalers), like Hexonet in Germany, offer TLD pricing kind of per country, as an example, .jpy is priced in YEN, .com....

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Cross Selling when purchasing a domain name

The latest WHMCS has a neat product cross selling feature, it would be nice to extend this cross selling feature to domain purchases. Example: A custo...

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ID Protection for Namecheap domain registrar module

The current Namecheap module does not support automated ID Protection management, yet their API does. WHMCS currently displays this message on the dom...

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Upgrade OVH register module

With the release of the OVH API v6, I propose to update the module of OVH (registry).With the new APIs we can have:register NameserversDNS Record Mana...

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Adding More Domain Statuses / Custom or Add Domain Statuses

Good DayWe hope that you are well.We humbly suggest that more domain statuses be added to WHMCS or that the user be allowed to customise and add domai...

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Admin Only Additional Domain Fields

It would be useful being able to hide from client’s domain subscription area some custom fields created on

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Exclude Registrar from Domain Sync

I would like to be able to exclude a registrar from the domain sync.We use three different registrars and one of them - Namesilo - uses their own sepa...

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Hide EPP code (domain transfer) if invoice due

Hide the EPP code if an invoice is due. This feature is important since I have lost a handful of customers because they have 'stolen' the EPP code fro...

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ADD PREMIUM domain flag in the clientarea domain lookups

ADD PREMIUM domain flag in the clientarea domain lookups. This is be very useful for client!

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Use registrar module's Availability Checks even though another lookup provider is configured

We're using ISPAPI as a lookup provider and that has worked fine up until now. To be clear, this is not an issue with the lookup provider but rather h...

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Send domain expired notifications even if "Free Domain Reminders" is not enabled

If the automation option "Free Domain Reminders" is not checked and the domain is set to not autorenew, no expiry notification is sent.Howev...

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Complete Transfer on Nominet

When a domain is transfered in and an order is accepted, rather than sitting at Pending Transfer and complaing that "V096 Domain name is not regi...

6 Votes
Blacklist specific SLDs from sale

We might not want to sell some specific domains or not sell hosting accounts for specific domains.Ability to have a BlackList of domains would be of g...

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Getting notified when users updates nameservers.

Hi there, I am from a country where our default domain is not supported by Enom and other domain resellers. Normally clients assume that updating name...

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Import domain names

We need a way to easily add/import existing domain names to a client account. I rather thought this would have existed by now, been waiting for this f...

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Add renewal support for premium domains registered manually through Enom

We have a couple domains that can't renew through Enom API because they are premium but were registered manually at Enom, not through WHMCS and the En...

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add hosting automatically for domain orders

The function of automatic addition of web hosting with purchase of a domain name is not yet available, a possible advance at the time of next update w...

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Nameservers dual stack ipv4/ipv6

Now when registering nameservers (that are under same domain name, example: on in WHMCS interface there is only single fiel...

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