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Import domain names

  • Russ Michaels shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Domains
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We need a way to easily add/import existing domain names to a client account. I rather thought this would have existed by now, been waiting for this for 10 years now.

I quite often get a client with a bunch of .uk domains which have been retagged to me, and it is a PITA having to put manual orders through for each domain name to get them into the system, esp when it's free t o transfer (retag) uk domains.

Or I am handing the domain name migrations as part of a service, so no separate transfer fee, so don't want them to have to order it as a transfer.
WHMCS Team Clarification:
This requests considers the ability to sync all .uk domains currently held against the Nominet tag configured in the Nominet registrar module.
Cases to add a domain importing ability to other domain registrar modules will be tracked via their own feature requests.


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Hi Russ,
Thanks for your suggestion.

What would be the source of the domain import data? Would this perhaps be covered by a CSV import request:

Or perhaps this request could be used to track a direct from registrar import option from Nominet specifically, presuming an API is available to get that information?
domains that already exist at the registrar (already transferred), so need to be imported into whmcs and assigned to client.