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Currency Per TLD

Some domain name registrars (wholesalers), like Hexonet in Germany, offer TLD pricing kind of per country, as an example, .jpy is priced in YEN, is priced in AUD, in ZAR and so on.

It would be excellent if it were possible to accommodate this way of pricing in a manner that one can rely on WHMCS's currency controls.

Perhaps have a currency code on the TLD price slab if, when set only, it presents the system with prices in the base currency ?


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Wouldn't also be logical a per-client-country currency? Just saying
I would need this also for the same reason.
When this will be available? Per Product Currency must be implemented too.
I already suggested this, not only for domain but for products also! WHMCS must offer a currency selection per TLD and per product or a way to set the default currency used for specific product (including addons and custom options).