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Getting notified when users updates nameservers.

  • Fortune Nowake shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Domains

Hi there, I am from a country where our default domain is not supported by Enom and other domain resellers. Normally clients assume that updating nameservers from the client area does the job, but it doesn't since we have to update/submit, the new nameservers manually to the registry. So I wanted to suggest a feature whereby the admin gets notified every time a client updates nameservers on the client area. These updates can be sent via email or create a section for nameserver update history in the admin area, (Pending/Completed). Should also be able to set this setting for all domains in case I am not using the built registrars. It's a pain to have clients contact you and complain about how long they have been trying to update nameservers on the client area. Hopefully, my suggestion is understandable!


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it would be great if there was an activity log entry when a nameserver is changed on a domain, with the previous and new nameserver config
Hi Fortune,
Thanks for submitting this idea.

Have you considered our Email registrar module, which sends email notifications of such domain management actions?
Would this meet your needs?