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Adding More Domain Statuses / Custom or Add Domain Statuses

Good Day

We hope that you are well.

We humbly suggest that more domain statuses be added to WHMCS or that the user be allowed to customise and add domain statuses.

The domain statuses ie. Pending Suspension, Pending Deletion and Closed Redemption are mandatory in accordance with the dotAfrica, dotJoburg, dotDurban and dotCapetown policies.

Please refer to screenshot 1 that appears on page 17 of the dotAfrica Policy:

You will see in screenshot 1 that after a domain expires, it enters Pending Suspension if it is not renewed. This period lasts 5 consecutive days as soon the renewal date passes.

Thereafter, the domain enters Pending Deletion, which is another period of 5 consecutive days starting as soon as Pending Suspension ends.

Lastly, the domain enters Closed Redemption, which is a period of 20 consecutive days that starts as soon as Pending Deletion ends and this last stage ends in the domain being deleted.

Due to these statuses not being available (see screenshot of WHMCS statuses), we are non-compliant with the above policies, which affects our accreditation to operate as a Registrar.

We would greatly appreciate your consideration in adding / updating this feature and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,
AF Proxy Team

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