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Exclude Registrar from Domain Sync

  • Mark Krieger shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Domains

I would like to be able to exclude a registrar from the domain sync.

We use three different registrars and one of them - Namesilo - uses their own separate cron sync script instead of integrating into the WHMCS system. (I did talk to them about updating their module and they say that everything is fine and it's just me).
Now - whenever WHMCS runs a domain sync it still tries to sync these domains and fails with "Sync
Not Supported by Registrar Module" for each domain at NameSilo in the sync report. I do not know if that also causes internal problems.
So it would be great to be able to exclude domains using certain registrars from the WHMCS sync.


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I second that. Result of this behaviour is that it takes longer to get all domains synced. It could be solved by making it possible to select the registrars to sync to.

A lot of registrars use their own sync mechanisms and don't need to be included in the whmcs sync.
As the WHMCS sync system is limited and inaccurate, I have build a solution where the synchronisation works properly. Initiatelly, it was enough to just have a sync function and return an empty array. WHMCS wouldn't complain. Now, WHMCS complains and tells clients there is something wrong with the registrar module (while it is not). Since other registrars do rely on this function, it is not an option to disable this globally.

So, if it could be disabled per registrar it would be a great solution. Or WHMCS should create a more accurate synchronisation system.