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Hide EPP code (domain transfer) if invoice due

Hide the EPP code if an invoice is due. This feature is important since I have lost a handful of customers because they have 'stolen' the EPP code from our system while they didn't paid for the hosting, nor anything else. While hosting isn't *really* important, an unique domain can be. By having the ability to keep a clients domain to yourself until they have paid, it could dramatically reduce the amount of fraud.

Please add this feature to WHMCS!


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Actually there is a difference between not instantly showing EPP and refusing to give EPP upon request.. As long as you hand out the EPP code within a reasonable timeline upon request no one is in violation of ICANN requirements.

I too see an advantage in sometimes hiding the EPP code. The barrier for fraud is a lot higher when you have to ask support for the epp code.

So basically I agree with Franco.
ust my two cents:
  • it does not exist only ICANN: there're many different Registry in the world, and everyone with its own rules
  • if I don't leave authinfo available in an automatic way in WHMCS, this does not mean that I don't respect ICANN rules: if no automatic system is available, Registrant can ask to the Registrar the authinfo in other ways, and the Registrar need to answer in five days.
    So, this mean: have you and oustanding payment and want to leave away? Well, no problem... the easy, automatic instrument does not work (because you didn't pay), if you need something the call me, or write me, or raise a ticket: at least, we'll have a talk about it...

  • there may be other reasons, other than oustanding invoices, which make legitimate to lock a domain
Due to the ICANN requirements identified by Sherwinn, I am marking this request as currently declined.
Per the link below, scenarios when the requested change of registrar may not be denied include, but are not limited to:

  • Nonpayment for a pending or future registration period
  • No response from the Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact.
  • Domain name in Registrar Lock Status, unless the Registered Name Holder is provided with the reasonable opportunity and ability to unlock the domain name prior to the Transfer Request.
  • Domain name registration period time constraints, other than during the first 60 days of initial registration or during the first 60 days after a registrar transfer.
  • General payment defaults between Registrar and business partners / affiliates in cases where the Registered Name Holder for the domain in question has paid for the registration.
Actually, this topic should probably be closed, because the request, as described above, goes against ICANN's transfer guidelines, found here: (Specifically Section 3)
ICANN prohibits holding domains for outstanding payments, UNLESS the outstanding payment is for the domain's previous registration term.

But you cannot, for example, keep someone from transferring a domain name if they owe you for hosting, or anything like that.
Yes, also if any service is suspended !

I believe there is a way to do it through template mod, but this should be standard (just like you cannot manage a domain if not active)