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Admin Only Additional Domain Fields

  • Tecnica G9 shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Domains

It would be useful being able to hide from client’s domain subscription area some custom fields created on
We need to add fields to domains, but we don’t want them to be fielded by client on client’s domain subscription area.
On the example in annex we want to save the pt-tech_nic_handle and pt-tech_tax_id to domain information on data base, but they shouldn’t be fielded by the client.


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We would like to se the same thing. It very convenient to store the registration information in the additional domain fields for .no domain names.
But this information is not to be used by the client itself, so make an entry admin only would solve this problem.
Hi there,
Thanks for sharing this idea.

If it's not desirable to display a domain field to customers, perhaps the value could be coded directly in the _register function of your registrar module instead?

Thanks, that will work.
We were just trying to take advantage of all native functionalities.