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Upgrade OVH register module

With the release of the OVH API v6, I propose to update the module of OVH (registry).
With the new APIs we can have:

  • register Nameservers
  • DNS Record Management
  • email Forwarding
  • Domain Release
  • Domain Sync Script
Merged Ideas
    OVH Module Domain Sync Script
    Please add Domain Sync Script functionality to the OVH module. This is a very important function and which should be implemented as standard.
    OVH Dedicated Server/SoYouStart Module
    OVH/SYS currently gives you full access via their API. Hostbill has already made this module: is very important for our business. At this we're considering Hostbill over whmcs because of lake of modules it supports. Features required:Reboot ServerManage Customer SSH KeyManaging Server IPs / Update rDNS etcReinstall ServerTrack Re-Installation ProgressShow Server OS & Hardware InformationI won't mind if whmcs makes it a paid module.


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Hi all,
Thanks for your suggestion and votes.
We have been monitoring the development of the OVH API v6, but at this time it is still functionally incomplete, and the domain functions which are in place are noted as beta.
We have reached the conclusion that the API v6 is still in a state of flux. We would not be able to produce and test a module with required functionality and quality user experience to meet the standards you expect from WHMCS.
We've attempted to establish a dialogue with OVH to help guide the development of the API so that it can meet the requirements of our users, and establish a migration path from the SOAP API to the API v6.
When the new API matures, and demand if for creating a new modules grows, we can revisit this in future. In the meantime, I am aware of a module in our Marketplace which combines functionality of the SOAP and v6 APIs to maintain some functionality in the short term.
We definitly need that too ...
i need this
There's only one problem with this, OVH nor SoYouStart have a reseller program, so using their API to resell is just something people do, even if its not allowed.

Go check with OVH and SoYouStart, they both say they do not have reseller programs and that people should not resell their services (I've asked so I know).