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Run domain syncronisation for single domain/all domains

  • Dennis Skov Hermannsen shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Domains

Being able to run Domain Expiry Syncronisation for a single domain would be great when troubleshooting registrar modules.

When you have a lot of domains, it can take weeks to syncronise the status and expiry date for them all. Would be nice to be able to run a cron that would update all of them.


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This is a good idea. We are working on some changes in our module for .no domain names, and for testing purpose (both live and dev license) it would be very useful to be able to run a domain sync for a given domain name.
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Not every domain should need to be synchronised with the registrar frequently. The dates on domain registrations and renewals will be maintained by WHMCS based on anniversary billing even without the sync function. Those domains which need to be updated promptly - domain transfers - are checked every time the function is run (as often as hourly).
The reason that domain synchronisation is batched is to prevent the system from performing hundreds or thousands of API requests to your domain registrar in short succession. Doing so is known to trigger rate limiting at some of the biggest registrar partners, which would have impact on the functionality of other domain management actions.
You speak about this option being helpful when troubleshooting registrar modules, can you provide some more insight into the kind of troubleshooting you're needing to perform?
Thank you, John.

I'm not suggesting that the default method of Domain Syncronisation is changed - just that we'd have the option to run sync on a single domain - and possible for all domains also (or at least more than 50 at a time).
I don't remember the exact problem I had since this topic was made more than 4 months ago. I just remember having a lot of issues and had to run domain syncronisation manually (in a while-true-loop so it ran all the time) in order to get a single domain syncronised.