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Allow multiple phone numbers per contact

Some clients need multiple phone numbers for each contact. Would like to see a drop down for Office, Home, Cell, Fax, and Other with each number.

42 Votes
SMS notifications included inside WHMCS

I have some clients that do not check their email often.I always manually send them an SMS using SMS global. They then pay a few hours later.I think i...

42 Votes Integration

Would be great to finally add as an officially supported registrar. They've grown a ton over the years and have an incredibly easy to use...

42 Votes
Add Configurable Options to Bulk Pricing Updater

Currently in order to update product prices for existing clients with configurable options we have to specify the "Current Price" for every...

41 Votes
Restrict users access to certain products

I'm happy with the new users and client accounts system update. We can choose what permissions each user has. However, right now we can't restrict the...

41 Votes
Please add a way to set a project task a start and end time

Hi, Please add a way to set a project task a start and end time for each task.Now we can only set the Due Date regardless of the time to do the task i...

41 Votes
Staff Payroll

I think there should be a feature to handle out going payments, have a section where admin's can define staff members, control their base wage / salar...

41 Votes
Bulk select and remove products

The option to select multiple products and next deleting them would be helpful for people with a lot of products, for example, a range of dedicated se...

41 Votes
Integration with other support platforms like Zendesk or

It would be great if we were able to integrate WHMcs with one of the best support platforms available today.By integrate I mean allowing clients to si...

40 Votes
Consolidated Domain Renewal & Invoice Reminders

We have several customers with multiple domains and hosting services. Many often complaint that they get too many individual emails for domain renewal...

40 Votes
Include link to reset password in Client Signup Email

When manually creating clients, the process to get the user to create their password is extremely cumbersome. It would be great if we could include a...

39 Votes
Allow IPv6 and IPv4 in Licensing Module

Lets get WHMCS to add a feature to allow both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. Make it an option within the module if you want to allow that or not. When an I...

39 Votes
Ability to set a default for custom fields

It should be possible to set a default for custom fields including the check box field type.For example and in particular, we have a customer field of...

39 Votes
Recurring Tasks/To-Do's/Projects/Tickets

I am shocked to not find anywhere (unless I didn't look hard enough) a request for recurring tasks/to-do's/projects/tickets!I would really love to be...

39 Votes
HubSpot Service Hub Integration

Hi there,I know for support tickets there's some integration with Kayako. I was wondering if it would be beneficial for some companies to have possibl...

39 Votes
Sign in With Apple

Apple now has an oauth login implementation that I think WHMCS should add to their sign in integrations page together with facebook, twitter etc..http...

38 Votes
Purpose OX APP Suite on EU servers

Today, OX APP Suite is only purposed on US Servers trough MarketConnect.Please, make it available on EU server also because OX prupose it : https://eu...

38 Votes
Desktop notifications

Support for Chrome desktop notifications for new tickets, etc. would be awesome. Having to rely on email for notifications is inconvenient, and could...

38 Votes
Announcements base image upload (just like the Knowledge base image upload)

I love the fact that "Knowledge base" will in the new version be able to support the image upload functions.That will nt be too complicated...

37 Votes
Neteller Payment Gateway

I am requesting an official WHMCS Module for Neteller Payement Gateway. They offer few payments with really cheap transactions.