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Custom Invoice Status

  • Valentina Zanetti shared this idea
  • Payments/Billing

We'd like WHMCS to have customizable invoice statuses, for reporting purposes, such as Overdue, Collections, Bad Debt and such. I saw another topic with something similar (Unpaid/Overdue status) to which this would also apply.


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We need to custom the invoice status, example : Duplicate, Overdue and so on which is more helpful
Yes, we definitely need this.
I wonder why is it possible for orders and support tickets, but not for invoices...
We need custom invoice status such as overdue, bill etc or whatever we write according to our customer requirement.
I also think that this possibility should be integrated, so that for example one can mark bills which are with the lawyer accordingly. Also the status unpayable would be helpful because canceling is not always useful.
We need to be able to set invoices to status 'unpayable' so we know we have to request a tax refund because the invoice is never going to get paid.
This is a good idea. This needs to be built in.
+1 - I cannot believe this isn't built in!
Status of Credit Note would be great!
Yes +1 ! It's a really important feature !

Yes +1. Adding this new custom invoice status such as an "Overdue" would help out to differentiate and stand out among "Unpaid" invoices, which now all look the same when you send out whether a regular invoice to pay for a first time or a First, Second, Third Invoice Overdue notices -- either that or add an ability to be able to configure Invoice's email template to custom that red upper right banner invoice status text. Therefore "Unpaid" Invoices output (PDF, etc ) to send more powerful message to a client and thus be more effective should not look exact same through out different times trying to collect its payment as mentioned i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Overdue notices etc . Thank you.
This would be very usefull. There should be possibility to at least add some kind of paraller statuses for invoice status ”Unpaid” to track how many invoice reminders have been manually sent by postal mail (like ”Unpaid & 1st reminder sent”, ”Unpaid & 2nd reminder sent”).

I could see this feature to be used with Batch PDF invoices when printing payment reminders to be sent via postal mail, and tracking which unpaid invoices have been already reminded.
I agree, we would like to add on hold invoice status's for situations where there has been complications. amongst other statuses