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loyalty system

  • Craig Leach shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

I would be good to see a loyalty system, like the affiliate's but this would reward customer for staying with you. so say they spend £10.00 they would get say 10 points. and when they have say 1,000 they can redeem there into real money say 1,000 = £1
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    Loyalty program
    I would like a loyalty program rewarding customers based on their income during a given period of time.Ideally, this should be automatic by applying a percentage to each new invoice based on income over the past 12 months.For example, if a customer has brought in more than $500 over the last 12 months, he gets a 5% discount on each new invoice.This could work with different levels. For example :Over $500 income -> 5% discountOver $1000 income -> 10% discountOver $2500 income -> 25% discountEtc.


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Would like to see this as well
I would really like this as well! This needs more votes!
There is a addon module available that does this, however it is not very easy to use and actually quite complicated. I very much welcome an official version to be released by WHMCS.