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Easy DNS Setup

  • 24/7 Hosting NZ shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Domains

The domain section had made huge leaps in the last couple of releases but it would be good to have an function using the cPanel API that would allow the client with 1 click from within the Client Area or even Domain Ordering Form to have the DNS Setup to point to Google Apps, Weebly, Wix etc...


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It would be great to be able to set your own templates as well (for specific customer servers, etc), because when using the registrars nameservers, there is no possibility to auto-setup a correct dns template for the users service. (Correct IPs, Zones, etc.)
Perhaps this thread should be titled: "Automatic email MX record setup for alternate email services"

+1 for this feature, email can be good to offload for several reasons.
This would be a fantastic addition.
Being able to automatically set the MX entries for all the major email providers would be fantastic for those users who aren't fully competent with DNS editing.