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Invoice Usage Billing Monthly for Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual Products

  • danillo costa shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

The "SnapShot" Usage Billing actually is recommended only to the monthly billing cycle, but this does not always represent the reality of the some web hostings, for example now with new licensing of cPanel (pay per number of accounts, monthly).

For example. A new client signs a annual plan of reseller which allow to use 5 sub-accounts, but the client uses 100 sub-account in cPanel. Until the next due date (after one year), the web hosting company is paying for the client to use their own service. Its awful.

Therefore, the "Usage Billing" needs to generate recurrence bills (montly) to the services to anothers billing cycles (Quartely, Semi-Annually and Annually). So that there is no unfair charge for both the web hostings and its customers.


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This is really needed because there are packages which can be used on in monthly billing cycle and also on yearly cycle. And usage cannot be combined so now I have to split the service into a yearly version and a monthly version. This is more like a bug even than a feature request
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion for separating the usage billing cycle our from the parent product billing cycle.

At present we do indeed recommend using the Snapshot Metric Type on products with a monthly billing cycle: