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42 Votes
Client search "hide inactive clients" default to off or make a persistent preference setting

It seems in the latest version 7.7.1 a new filter has been added to the view/search clients in WHMCS. On the right side a button "hide inactive...

33 Votes
Adding an item in the middle of an invoice (blank line at certain point in invoice)

I keep track of client billing on a draft invoice and when it's time to bill I change the draft invoice to live. I write the items by date on the invo...

8 Votes
Change Text editor

I suggest upgrading or replacing the current text editor.The current text editor lacks many features, so I suggest upgrade or replace it with another...

29 Votes
Restrict users access to certain products

I'm happy with the new users and client accounts system update. We can choose what permissions each user has. However, right now we can't restrict the...

3 Votes
Responsive Table for Admin Area

in admin area all table example ( view client, Product / Service, Service Addon, Domain Registration ) still not responsive in v 8.0 like other theme,...

6 Votes
Late Fee for Multicurrency

Hello! We need to enable the Late Fee for multicurrency. Now it keeps the same set amount (eg. 5 eur), if the customer has usd account, it will be 5 u...

4 Votes
invoice number in description of the purchase paypal

When a subscription payment is made, the invoice number that the customer paid does not appear in the payment description in PayPal.So how can I ident...

3 Votes
Support Pin Requesting

Hi, I'm continuing to explain to you support pin is not like a security question. This qu...

66 Votes
Add Late Fee to Future Invoice

We find that our Clients that pay with a check often remit payment for original invoice amount instead of the updated amount. Meaning, they don't cov...

21 Votes
Provide an option to email on domain sync only if a problem is encountered

As a business operator managing domain names with WHMCS, my quality of life would be improved by limiting the number of domain sync emails received to...

39 Votes
Customise Domain Sync batch size above 50

We have 6000+ active domains right now. With the domain sync cron set to run every hour (the most frequent available setting) and syncing 50 domains o...

57 Votes
Make it possible to have SEO URLs for all the members area

Make it possible to have SEO URLs for all the pages including members area so that WHMCS can be used as full store front to sell products and services...

7 Votes
AutoRelease Auto Associate Service - Suspension Ticket

I have support tickets that are automatically opened, but they are not associated with the service.I would like to suggest that they be automatically...

3 Votes
Update Users when changing Client Account details

As a User who is the Owner of a single Client Account, I would like to present the option when changing the Client's Account's details to also apply t...

49 Votes
Create promo codes from API

Hello,I'm developing a system integrated with google adwords that would display a custom promo code for a client. However, WHMCS doesn't allow the cre...

67 Votes
.csv import domains prices

Because with new gtld is horror to change more 200 prices and for every extension * 10 years I think an excel/csv template with all prices for every e...

3 Votes

Please provide a CLI for web host automation through a command-line or script. The API is provided for developers who wish to build off of WHMCS so wr...

3 Votes
Separate client requested Domain Renewals from Orders

From the client area, any person can renew a domain before its organic renewal in the system, which is a great feature. But the domain renewal request...

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23 Votes
Add Ability to Add a New Stripe ACH Payment Method from the Payment Methods Screen

Currently, the only way to add a new ACH payment method to a client's account when using the Stripe ACH payment gateway is when physically paying an i...

1 Votes
Add a feature to login for next 24 hours.

Please add a feature to login for next 24 hours.