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Add a "send test email" function Email Templates editor

We can create / change Email Template so it will be more suited to us - and that's great.
But there is no way for us to actually see the email we designed in the Email Template...

We need a way to send each Email Templates as a test to us and see how it's actually rendered on different clients emails systems.

Please add a "send test email" button with an option to specify the email address this test email will be sent to, so we will be able to stimulate an email sent to a customer and view it as the customer does.



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maybe this can be merged with

Test your merge fields with the button 'Send Test and Verify Merge Field'

Go to your email template that you would like to test and click 'Send Test and Verify Merge Field.' You will see the following options on a popup window, "Preview the template with the following records:"

Recipient Record: You can select a Contact, Lead or User; the template will retrieve Merge Fields such as: {Contact.FirstNameLocal}. But no email will be send to the Contact, Lead or User you choose in this box
Related to Record: If your email template uses information from object such as Accounts, Opportunities, etc, you can select any record in those objects and the template will retrieve the merge fields from the record and populate the template with that information.
A check box for Send email preview to: By selecting this option and typing the correct email address, and email will get generated. This option is the only one that will generate a test email, and it will be sent to the specified email address only, not to the Recipient Record email address. You can also do this test several times with different email recipient to see how the template will look in different email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, or etc.

Note: The 'Send Test and Verify Merge Field' option is available in Salesforce Classic UI and also in Lightning UI but only when you are in the Setup | Classic Email Templates.
Hi John.
This is very cumbersome and in some cases unrealistic - Like how can I test the Closed Ticket Bounce Message or the Clients Only Bounce Message without activating it and have all of my clients receive it while I'm testing?

Also there are some cases that are very hard to simulate even on a test server.

I know that Product/domain/ticket emails are based on additional data such as the ticket id, subject etc which is used to build the email so other than viewing these under Email Templates editor, the only way to test these is to trigger the associated action from WHMCS to send those emails to a test account.

So my Idea is that when using the "send test email" option a new popup will pop with a request to manually provide the missing information for this test email.
This is a common practice with autoresponder systems.
Hi Ram,.
Thanks for submitting this idea. At present one can test a mass mail before sending by creating a client account for such testing purposes and send the email template to yourself before perming a mass mail.