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e-mail template preview

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WHMCS offers no way of checking to see how an e-mail will look once you've edited it, short of making a fake account or waiting until a customer receives one, which isn't the best plan if you've screwed up a "merge field" and it looks terrible / doesn't work.

It would be good if you could make it so you can click a button and it pops up with a window or shows an area on the page showing how the e-mail would look if a customer received it (with false data, just as long as we can see it's doing / showing what we want to see!) without having to faff about with fake accounts.

Twice now I've noticed that I've made a mistake with an e-mail template without realising it, only finding out later when checking what e-mails customers have received...


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11 years and still waiting for this basic feature. Yet more evidence that WHMCS only adds what they want (new marketplace features) rather than what users need.
Just upgraded from 5x to 8x and surprised to find this feature has still not been implemented.

I'm currently rebranding all email templates and need to get a sense of what they look like when received on both Desktop and Mobile.

As mentioned in other comments, as simple 'Send Test' button per template would be a good start.

Now we can create / change Email Template so it will be more suited to us - and that's great.
But there is no way for us to actually see the email we designed in the Email Template...

We need a way to send each Email Templates as a test to us and see how it's actually rendered on different clients emails systems.

This is very cumbersome and in some cases unrealistic - Like how can I test the Closed Ticket Bounce Message or the Clients Only Bounce Message without activating it and have all of my clients receive it while I'm testing?

Also there are some cases that are very hard to simulate even on a test server.

I know that Product/domain/ticket emails are based on additional data such as the ticket id, subject etc which is used to build the email so other than viewing these under Email Templates editor, the only way to test these is to trigger the associated action from WHMCS to send those emails to a test account.

So my Idea is that when using the "send test email" option a new popup will pop with a request to manually provide the missing information for this test email.

This is a common practice with autoresponder systems.
You can see an example here:

Please add a "send test email" button with an option to specify the email address this test email will be sent to, so we will be able to stimulate an email sent to a customer and view it as the customer does.
A must basic feature that should be present in WHMCS
VERY needed feature. Almost every system I know has a preview feature now.
Yes please include this feature.
I just face this issue. It would be really good feature.

I recently upgraded my whmcs for new features and its really impressive but we also need this feature. Please whmcs add it ;)
Crickets... the typical sound when you talk to WHMCS support.
Any feedback on this function?
We need this!
I am tired to send multiple emails to myself just to make sure the template looks ok!
Everyone needs this feature.
I need this feature!
Agree, this needs to be done.
I need this!