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Stripe BECS Direct Debit Payment Gateway

  • Carter Douglas shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

Hi ,

It would be fantastic if we could integrate Stripe BECS into WHMCS. You currently already have SEPA and ACH so I'm hoping it isn't too difficult to integrate BECS.

Requirement & process is quite straightforward being that I'd imagine being the same as the SEPA integration.

Happy for your thoughts - cheers!


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+1 for support via Stripe. Would also like to drop GoCardless and have everything via Stripe.
+3 For this, we are currently using Stripe, EFT, manual payment methods and are considering gocardless with higher fees just for automation.
Yes this would be great then we can drop GoCardless and simplify!
+1. This would be a great addition!
+1 for BECS Australia with Stripe - for those of us with reasonably large recurring transactions per month this will save a bunch of stripe fees!