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Custom field with upload file

  • NewRadio Streaming shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Admin Area

We would like the opportunity to have a field in order to upload a file (like an image for example). Often in the order of some products we need to have from the client an image file or a document file. I mean a custom field in the product/service with the upload file option.
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    File upload control type in custom fields on order forms!
    Hello,I can't believe that there is not already a file upload control type in custom fields on order forms. I see many requests but no one from whmcs ever replies with an answer on this. I need customers to be able to upload their modules, graphics or code at order time when they purchase an install service.
    File Upload at during client Checkout
    It would be nice is clients can upload files during the checkout process, and that you can assign this option to a specific product like a custom field. I have a lot of clients sending me files I would rather just be uploaded thru WHMCS that are related to their order. Would be great if you could set extension types, and upload size limits like in support.Hope this gets a lot of vote I really need this one lol!


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It is needed!
This is a great idea to obtain certain document specific to product. It would be great if it can be considered.
please add it
Still nothing .. this option is needed like we need air to breath ..
Also could have another field with field types, like: pdf,csv,doc,docx,gif,png, etc...
then the type make sure the file uploaded had that extension and no others...

Like it works most of the time with systems that allow files to be uploaded.
This is a great idea. i.e if a customer is ordering a Dedi then they must upload X document for review.. or every customer has a ID verified status. customers can verify by uploading documents for admin approval. Admin has the option of approving a customer without ID
It would be great to have an ability for clients to add, update attachments on his profile page. Very covinient.
It would be great to have this type of field for clients, products, etc. Sometimes we need from client to upload some documents and it would be great if client could see his attachments on his profile page (not in some ticket), change it, add new attachments.
It is needed!
It is a very crucial addition to this great system so for example we can create a custom form to receive certain content from customer in an structured format. Or I will be forced to add a form maker to do this.
Maybe no one even thought this way?!
A big +1
I can't believe this field type hasn't been added yet. It is not due to security concerns bc this field is available on tickets.