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Custom Service Status

  • Aniruddh Joshi shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Admin Area

Sometimes we need more than just hosting based order status. We don't always sell hosting products/services with WHMCS. ;)

It would be great if WHMCS can come up with a way to set custom service status in upcoming major update.


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i need the Provisioning status
It will be very nice to also have this for domains, I was able to modify the database structure slightly to add additional statuses but it won't display in the admin area, only in the client area. Even the client area I had to modify the language file to accept the new addition.
This would be very useful to use in conjunction with the email marketer as well.
We need this as well.
Many times customers asks the live support that why their service is still pending while they already paid! Every time we have to explain them that it is being installed and it will be active soon.
We just need to change "pending" to "in progress" status.
This is a requirement. We all operate our businesses differnetly
+1 on this. There's another request with 30+ votes for this.

WHMCS chooses to ignore it unfortunately for the past 2 years.
I would love custom statuses for domains.
Such as for example Restores. After a restore is performed we can only set it to active, cancelled or terminated. It would be nice with a completed status as well.