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Monthly Emailed PDF Statement

  • Rob Dokuchie shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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We need a monthly statement showing what a client owes and need to be able to dictate the date each month it gets emailed out.

It should show which are overdue, and which are just owing. With due dates and invoice numbers showing too.

We also need the emails to continue monthly until nothing is owing.


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Isn't the following idea a better solution for this?

Since WHMCS already has an invoice to PDF generator, doesn't the 'single monthly invoice' request then accomplish the same goals as what is requested here? I realize that a statement isn't 100% identical to an invoice, but isn't a 'single monthly invoice' a more straightforward solution to the issues that make people want a 'monthly emailed pdf statement'?
I also agree we need a viable solution for statements as for our location; all businesses provide statements to their customers for any outstanding money owed as sometimes payment terms are 60 days.

Also, be aware of the company that is mentioned below in the post by RodB commented at 22nd April 19. I purchased their product and it does not operate on v8.5.3. No response from support.
If a client has more than 100 domains, he receives multiple invoice emails every month. This can tire, confuse or even frustrate him very easily.

Ideally, it would be best to send just 1 invoice either at the start, or at the end or at a specific date of every month where all of his expiring services and domains are being displayed.

Large domain registrars are already using this method and are sending only 1 invoice at the end of them month to their resellers.
Why does a client need a statemt to show what they owe? Outstanding invoices already show that surely?
Because sometimes, because of the clumsy way WHMCS handles invoices for multiple products, a client receives several invoices during a month. Receiving a monthly statement should invoiced amounts and also monies received with a final balance due.
its not even like they need to write it from scratch. They could use the open course code I had developed which is now on bitbucket.
Can you tell me more? I bought one but it doesn't seem to be being kept up to date.
@Russ Can you provide us with a link to your repository? I've reached for it but am unable to find it.
the marketplace page links directly to the repository
@Russ Michaels, thanks for this. I have just installed it and found a typo that I have fixed in bitbucket.

Will your addon need any changes for V8?
You will need to speak with a developer to find that out.
As it says in the notes, I did not code it and do not maintain it.
I've used plugins but this feature is not always implemented correctly and plugins disappear (even paid ones).

Would be great to finally see a feature like this in the core. @xxxmicrobexxx I feel you also been waiting for this core feature for 7years.
WOW. At this point, they should either close this part of the forum, or let's aim for 10 years. How many major versions have been released in 7 years. They should at least comment that its in consideration, or will never happen and close the topic. Just leave everyone guessing and hoping year after year like Presidential elections or Birthday presents!!! :)
It seems most of the updates recently promote Market Connect and App Integration... all of which make WHMCS more money, meanwhile, useful elements like this that users should have covered with their monthly subscription get sidelined...

7 years
Sigh...6 years and still waiting...
If this gets developed. Please can this feature have a toggle to turn off?
We used to send client statements, but several clients provided feedback, that they did not want statements. Therefore some WHMCS may need the ability to toggle off statements.
since WHMCS won't add a statement tool we sourced one out and this one has worked well for us -

If you have this company add the plugin tell them to be sure to NOT accidently send out the statement to all your clients at one time (like they did for us).

Plugin works well for our needs and is able to be customized. WE are not resellers of this product just hope to help the many others that need this feature like we did!
I cannot recomend that at all, that company has been responcible for a massive amount of data breaches due to bedly writted code.
yup you're right about that... our module stopped working a couple months later and we havent had time to fix, then saw the breach. In their defense they were on top of it and took ownership of the error, and to my knowledge fixed the issue. Happens to way bigger co's than theirs... That said I would much rather not rely on a 3rd party module.

For us all we need is the ability to generate a manual statement that we can send to a client as needed. The ability is already there to create the statement in the Reports area >Clients>Client Statement

When you run the report you get the list of due invoices and a total due (so far so good) but then when you create a 'printable version' which could then be easily converted to a PDF, you end up with a semi non customer friendly version.

This is where I think WHMCS could EASILY change the output to something that resembled a statement. Its actually pretty close - our logo shows up, the list if due invoice #s and balance owing on each, and a grand total.

Really ALL this needs is to remove some text at the top ("Client Account Register Balance. This report provides a statement of account for individual client accounts.") and add the client data, and you have a good enough statement IMO.

So if you WHMCS folks are reading this... PLEASE can you look at this option. I'm sure one of your techies could get this done in a couple hours. I would even be willing to pay them!!
I would stay away from that company as well.
We bought their 2Checkout API token module which, at first, looks great and it works relatively well. However, and still without any explanation, one of our clients was charged a setup fee of his service during a yearly renewal. To make it worse, the client never saw the setup amount anywhere and neither did we. Example, if the service is $300/y, and setup $99 (one time fee at the beginning), the client got charged $399 on his credit card but the invoice shows just $300. This proves that the plugin is grabbing that setup fee for somewhere where they shouldn’t.
We only found about this when the client complained and he was doubting about our integrity, thinking that we were scamming him. I obviously deleted their code right away and never used it again.
Yep terrible company, writes horrible buggy code and charges you every time they have to fix it.
A lot of my clients look for yearly account statements. So it will be good to have a yearly statement option that client & admins can download.
RodB - Agreed. Hard to imagine how a billing system would not have a way for customers to generate a statement, much less have it auto-generated when an invoice is outstanding. Even if it was only available to clients in the client portal, at least someone could print a clunky web page version of the statement. This should have been available in version 1.0 of WHMCS, honestly.
even just a simple option to manually create a basic statement (with same layout as an invoice) - I can't understand why an invoicing system wouldn't have such an important and basic option like this - I mean its already there in the reports area...just make the output option better - as a PDF or ?? and a cleaner format... cmon folks this is a '101' feature and I would guess most ppl need it.