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Use canonical names for languages

ie etc instead of set <html la...

35 Votes
PayPal non-subscription setting in new module

The old PayPal module allowed to disable subscriptions and to only allow PayPal for one-off payments.I would like to see this feature in the new PayPa...

81 Votes
Allow IPv6 and IPv4 in Licensing Module

Lets get WHMCS to add a feature to allow both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. Make it an option within the module if you want to allow that or not. When an I...

7 Votes
MarketConnect - better Billing History descriptions

Can we have better descriptions in the MarketConnect "Billing history" so we can see what the orders relate to - so for SSL's and Sitelock -...

75 Votes
Custom field with upload file

We would like the opportunity to have a field in order to upload a file (like an image for example). Often in the order of some products we need to ha...

54 Votes
Cancel Invoice on Termination

Hi,I’m sure this has been discussed before, but not seen a feature request for it.Why when the cron terminates a hosting account is the relating invoi...

96 Votes
Domain Addons

Right now it doesn't look like there are configurable options or add-ons that we can specify for domains? It looks like I have to create separate prod...

35 Votes
Add API for domain pricing updates

I would like to see new API functions to be able to update domain pricing for new registrations and for existing domains.Basically it should be possib...

9 Votes
Use GoCardless Payouts API to get Transaction Fees

Somehow, the GoCardless fees need to be included in the transactions to avoid leaving an accounting black hole as GoCardless doesn't invoice merchants...

31 Votes
Management function for direct debits (GoCardless)

Currently the only way to set up a direct debit is to pay for an invoice. I'd like to see a management feature similar to what exists for credit card...

95 Votes
Cloudflare Turnstile

HiAre you interested in integrating Cloudflare's Turnstile?

197 Votes
Ability to add more billing cycles than 3 years

This is a very important feature to allow us to add more than 3 years billing cycle in my point of view. When we sell a product like SSL, these can be...

3 Votes
Add "payment method" as variable to domain email templates

I'd like to be able to personalise the domain email templates based on the domain payment method, so that I can advise people how payment should be ma...

83 Votes
Display long term or annual-biennially pricing before monthly on products in cart templates/sliders

You should be able to choose what price option you want to display on product template pages (eg. comparison pages and sliders) instead of the default...

33 Votes
Improve Ticket Search

The inability to search beyond the initial message of a ticket has become a major hindrance in continuing to use WHMCS as support desk. While I am awa...

8 Votes
Disable Invoices for Client Group

Hello,It would be nice to disable invoice for certain client groups and only sent notification to the Administrator on their service Renewal.This will...

8 Votes
Tickets Trash box

It would be nice to have a trash box for the deleted tickets and to have a SPAM box for the usually SPAM considered emails. The trash and the spam box...

6 Votes
Thread messages for Google Mail

Most email clients will not thread tickets together with the same subject, because they are missing a header with a reference to the original email ID...

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113 Votes
Payoneer payment gateway

Need to Payoneer payment gateway for WHMCS.

45 Votes
HubSpot Service Hub Integration

Hi there,I know for support tickets there's some integration with Kayako. I was wondering if it would be beneficial for some companies to have possibl...