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Quote Generator

I think it would be possibly the most revolutionary feature you have
added yet, for web designers in quote tools, if you created an Instant
Quote Generator...

User clicks get started

User selects the type of product/service they want a quote for (like web design)

User selects addons and upgrades (like event calendar, blog section, slideshow, number of pages, theme, etc.)

User see ajax instant updates to Pricing/cart, including itemized list,
full price, and payment schedule (example Initial deposit 50%, Final
payment 50%, total price)

User then continues to Checkout to pay initial deposit (like 50%).

User then has a balance pending due of remaining 50% that has no due
date that can be converted by an admin to an active invoice for the
balance once the project is completed.

This would possibly be done with standard ordering, but needs a few
additional features in whmcs. The forum is littered with people asking
for partial payment on orders and I think this would satisfy several
requests. Products would need an added setting called payment schedule
that allows 2+ payments, so you could pick how many payments, set a
title for each payment (ie deposit, 2nd phase, final payment), and set a
percentage or set fee for each. On the payment schedule, if each are
set as percentage, it would have to add up to 100%, or at least a popup
warning when saving would warn it does not equal 100% for the math
challenged, unless one of the payments is a set deposit and then it asks
for remaining balance on the last payment.

This payment schedule would be applied to the total of all addons and such purchased with the root product.

Maybe at checkout the itemized list could be created as a quote (User
clicks "Let Me Think It Over" button) or could choose to do the initial
deposit (User clicks "Alright! Let's Do It!")


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I think this idea is a great one, I don't use whmcs only for hosting, I use it for web designing/custom services invoicing, and this will be helpful!

Hi Greg,
You mentioned some cool ideas - but this is not the way the Quote system is working.
The Quote system is for you to create a Quote for the customer and send it to him for his approval - and not the other way around.

Some of the things you mentioned are related to regular product and addons settings - not to the Quote system.

Now there is no connection between a Quote to an order and no automatic invoicing - And this should be fixed.

The point of the quotes system is to be able to provide bespoke one-time items to clients that you don't usually sell en-mass via the order form. So when you want to sell a bespoke one-time items you send the client a quote, and then what?

The customer should be able to pay for the quote after he accepted it - right? how can he do it?
Now the only way for the customer to pay the quote is if you send him an Invoice - so if we want the customer to pay for his quote, we have to manually convert the quote to an Invoice.

The question is why this is a manual process?

If we offered the customer a bespoke one-time item and the customer agree to the terms and so on - why do we have to manually continue the process by manually converting the quote to an invoice?

The invoice should be sent to the customer automatically after he accepted the quote.

I cannot find any reason that the conversion from accepted quote to an invoice (so the customer can pay for the quote) will be a manually process.

What now?

Now there should be an order opened with the relevant information from the accepted quote.
Again, the question is why this is a manual process?

If we offered the customer a bespoke one-time item and the customer agree to the terms and so on, hopefully get an invoice and pay automatically - why do we need to open an order manually?

what does it matter if the order originated from the shopping cart system or from the quoting system?

I cannot find any reason that the conversion from accepted quote to an invoice (so the customer can pay for the quote) and then to be converted to an order will be a manually process.

No matter if the order originated from the shopping cart system or from the quoting system an order should be opened.

What now?

Now if it's a automatically provisioned product - it should be provisioned, if not the order should wait for an admin to manually provision the product or service and conclude the process.

To sum it all up,
The process should be fully automatically no matter if the order originated from the shopping cart system or from the quoting system.

We generate a qoute and from there everything should be automatically as possible.

Another major issue - is to have the ability to select the relevant contact that the qoute will be send to - now you can only send it to the master account holder and this is a big problem.

This is an interesting idea, especially as I use WHMCS for my entire invoicing system for non-hosting-related work, which I think many of us do. Some thoughts:

  1. Customer should not be able to pay the initial deposit until we approve the quote they requested.

  2. Some line items will need to show a range (i.e. "$500 - $1500), and then when we approve the quote we can enter an actual price based on the description the customer enters. Not everything is the same price for every customer and having a million different versions for them to pick from (like "e-commerce with ticket sales, e-commerce with product sales, e-commerce with subscriptions, etc., ect.,") would just confuse people.

  3. We would need to be able to add many kinds of custom form fields and create a form that would accompany the quote, for example when the customer goes to generate a quote, they would be presented with a way to choose products/services/features as well as a form that asks branding questions and provides textareas, radio selects, etc., where they can provide more information.

  4. Before any of this it would be helpful if there was an easier way to select which pages/menu items are available to logged-in and not-logged-in users. We would need to be able to choose whether the client has to be logged in to access the quote generator.

Ultimately this is an interesting idea but unless you're going to do it right the first time and make it awesome from the get-go, I'd rather see WHMCS work on polishing other higher-priority developments.
There are 2 major issues here:

1. Automation: we generate a quote -> a customer accept it -> an order will be generated automatically -> an invoice will be generated automatically - > the customer will pay the invoice -> we will deliver the project.

So after the customer accept the quote the order + invoicing should be done automatically.

2. Have the ability to select a contact person that will receive the quote ( a link by email).

We need more control and more features to the quoting system in WHMCS.
I'd love to see this!
Any improvement of the quote system would be a huge benefit. I currently need to subscribe to a secondary service (Quote Roller) just for quotes because WHMCS does not provide enough functionality in this regard.
WHMCS is all about selling services. For service providers, this is very very important feature.
I am surprised to see WHMCS still missing this feature when version 7 is already in market.
This is must have feature for WHMCS.
Any thing new regarding this issue?
i found this feature in softlayer server quote generate. its good feature
I would like to see this as well
No fixed quotes in service jobs
I am vehemently against any quote work where there can be NO REAL estimate for the amount of time a service will actually consume until the work begins. The project manager needs better communication structure. See my profile for suggestions I've made toward that endeavor.
I agree with the "Customer accepts quote" > "generate order" > "generate invoice" approach described above. It seems odd to me that you can convert a quote to an invoice without going via an order. When a client clicks on "My Orders" they will expect to see a list of everything they've ordered from us - not just the things that happened without going through a quote stage.
CDJ HOSTING wrote:Fully automated is impossible ramf, you begin by creating a quote manually. However, once that quote is created the system from then on should be automated this i do agree, client accepts -> make an order, generate invoice -> client pays -> send to admin.
Yes, we should send the customer a quote and he should accept it, then the prosess should be automatically.