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Log External Domain Lookup Provider Domain Searches

In the past WHMCS logged domain lookup searches in the log. Today the Whois Lookup Log under the admin in:

Utilities > Logs > WHOIS Lookup Log

Is mostly useless because it only looks specific Whois searches but not all of them.

Its extremely important for someone to understand what domain searches their customers and users are looking for in terms of sales, promotions, and marketing.

Please consider this tiny feature which should not be hard to implement but would add tremendous value to the software.

When someone searches for a new domain in the domain shopping cart, that search should be registered in the Whois Lookup Log.

The same should be true for the domain transfer form.
WHMCS Team Clarification:
WHMCS will log domain lookup requests when Standard Whois is selected as the lookup provider.
This request is about logging searchers performed via external lookup providers such as Namespinning and domain registrars.

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