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32 Votes
Mass changing of ticket status and department

That would be great if you could enable the ability to change the status and department of multiple tickets directly from the main menu ( without ente...

27 Votes
Woocommerce/Wordpress Integration

Hi,Please add a way to integrate Woocommerce/Wordpress and WHMCS so one can buy a product in Woocommerce/Wordpress and all the billing, invoicing, pro...

5 Votes
Integration with integromat and zapier

Hi,Please add an official Integration with integromat ( and zapier ( there is an old connection to z...

102 Votes
WHMCS to use caching

Allow the choice of using Memcached or Redis caching

30 Votes
Staff Clock in - Clock Out - Report.

Clock in staff - Clicks *Clock In*...Report starts:Michael Clocked in at 08:00 shift started...Michael viewed tickets at 08:00Michael replied to ticke...

8 Votes
Integrate support for Klarna via Stripe

Stripe now integrates Klarna as a payment method directly within their API, and that allows the customer to split payment in three installments and ge...

12 Votes

Hello , If you can make sitemap a native feature that would be good

3 Votes
Change user password

This is one the features that was a part of WHMCS but is removed for no obvious reasons making helping your clients very hard.Password reset mails oft...

4 Votes
Bulk apply credits to clients

Sometimes it is necessary to apply account credits to multiple customers in one batch - i.e. everyone on a specific server. The credits usually take t...

0 Votes
Manually write ad-hoc invoices and use pre-defined stock items

Hi,Userstory:while WHMCS is focused on Webhosting, we also would like to use it not only for our webhosting but other customers as well. We offer IT C...

29 Votes
Adding sub-groups/sub-categories

Hi WHMCS Community!This topic is long due. Would you agree that having the ability to add sub-groups/sub-categories will benefit us all?If you have or...

85 Votes
Cleanup tool to prune tbllog_register table

This table gets EXTREMELY large in row size.When performing certain clean up tasks by going to Utilities -> System -> System Cleanup we have too...

64 Votes
Force email verification before account provisioning

I run a two week free trial period for my hosting. It seems this is getting abused now and with no conversions. Most do not bother to verify their ema...

82 Votes
Service contracts and retainers

Retainers (prepay for an amount of tickets and/or time).Service contracts (pay for monthly support, maybe a retainer wich you are able to subscribe to...

42 Votes
Notify clients before their account is automatically deleted

From the Automation settings, we can specify if WHMCS should automatically delete clients after X number of months.This is a great feature but it need...

25 Votes
Allow users to receive emails

If you want to setup a new user that's going to take care of invoices, you will also need to setup a contact. Users can't receive email notifications...

29 Votes
odoo connection

A connection with the most popular ERP system in the world, would be awesome !

12 Votes
Zoho Product Integrations

There are many Zoho products that would be great to integrate with for those of us non programmers. SaleIQ - Live ChatCampaigns - Email MarketingCRMBo...

38 Votes
Ability to hide pricing information

It would be great to have the ability to hide pricing information from all areas of WHMCS for certain admins/admin groups. Some admins only offer supp...

3 Votes
Link to show gateway log on automation status page - declined credit cards pop-up

On the automation status page when clicking on the declined credit cards link a pop-up appears that lists the declined charges.It would be great to ha...