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Sales Call Scheduler

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We would like this type of functionality. We also like to call
our customers a few times per year, and also have been just putting a
'NOTE' in, but we would like this to be much more functional than just

For example - we'd like to have it schedule these calls. If we decide
to call people twice per year, then WHMCS should schedule who to call
this week and track who was and wasn't called - or who was called and
who we couldn't get in touch with. We have about 2,000 clients, so if
we are calling them twice per year, that's about 75 per week or about 15
per day. If we can't contact them by phone, it should note the
dates/times of the attempted calls, and then allow us to email. If
there is a problem or a concern, we can open a trouble ticket (which is
OK) but simply having a 'follow up' scheduler would also be good so that
we could say 'we'll call you back next Wed' and have WHMCS schedule
that for us', so that we don't have to use a separate program for these


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maybe the answer is with this feature request:

With this specifications:

1. Change Status to any other status we set (not just Awaiting Reply).
2. Change Priority
3. Change Department
4. Flag Ticket To another admin (or back to me)
5. Add an internal note to the ticket
6. Send a response to the customer
7. Remove on update - if we set this option on and the customer replied the ticket before the timer was set - the timer will be automatically removed.
8. Recurring Timer - After this Timer is fired, automatically add it again. Repeat the same Timer every X minutes.
I'm also surprised there is still no integration with a third party CRM. Zappier only has one single trigger: new todo.

Can we expect to see progress in this request or should we keep on looking somewhere else?

Modules for CRM are bad. I am ready to pay for good WHMCS native integration, because referal system is poor,
No modules,... We need native integration.
Sooo, no news about this one, it looks like the only option we have is to pay $200 a year or use some 3 party integration, sad.
We need a native CRM WHMCS, is this something we can look forward to in v6?

I think its time you start closing these requests if there is no plans for them. Leading people to believe there possible with all these votes they may not be the best.

I see so many open requests that have no official answers and plenty enough votes. It doesn't seem alot of effort is being put into these requests or even looked at for that matter..

WHMCS has great potential, we really just need to hear from you guys!
Nabil, if you just focus in some tasks, you are narrowing down your own business, in this case, the Client, and the better management of if can give you more income, and more time to convert that time in more money.
As you can see googling, WHM CS, the CS means Complete Solution, so WHMCS it is not Complete if you can not manage your leads and prospect clients.
And this is, IMHO ovbiously.
Thank you
nabil wrote:This is what we've done - whmcs is not a CRM system, it should focus on billing and ordering.
In fact, WHMCS is about customers (orders, invoices, tickets...) not just a billing system. It makes sense having crm facilities in the same software your clients are created, isn't it?
limestreet wrote:Maybe integration with Vtiger Crm - good existing solution integrated with Asterisk...
This is what we've done - whmcs is not a CRM system, it should focus on billing and ordering.
1 year... no updates. Any idea when?
I have spent so much time and money trying out virtually every CRM on the market. They are all shit! There's nothing which easily syncs with WHMCS. If you are not a stand alone web hosting company (Ie, Web Design, Marketing Agency), you need a solid CRM to keep track of pending deals.
Features I'd love in a CRM tab in WHMCS:
  • Ability to add leads ( Also with Web-to-lead)
  • Convert leads to deals
  • Convert deals to WHMCS Accounts/Automatically Invoice and provision any subscriptions
  • Deal Status (Incoming, Working, Quote, Won Lost)
  • Basic Reports (Deal Sources, Sales Per Month etc)
The CRM we're using right now is:
I'd like to see some of the following features.

Creating leads and opportunities (*they are different, see below), sending quotes (already here, thanks WHMCS), converting those quotes into orders and thereby converting leads into customers.

Statuses on opportunities such as: prospecting, qualifying, proposal, negotiation, closed.

A report that we can run which shows us how many leads we have, when we think they will close, % likely hood that they'll close, estimated revenue, and their current status.

* Opportunities need to be able to be added to new leads as well as existing customers.

This is pretty strait forward stuff and I think it would be a great addition to WHMCS.
Eduardo G. wrote:Don't think it's out of scope. Many companies have all their customer data in whmcs: names, phone numbers and emails. And this information is quite update.
Also you can have several contacts for each customer, related quotes and invoices, and even mailing, so it's the next logical step: management of the already owned clients data.

Adding CRM features doesn't mean whmcs will be in general slower. And integration with external full-equiped CRMs can be hard to achieve, as there are many CRMs with many versions and I don't want whmcs developers taking care of the last sugar/salesforce/whatever version.

Let's get deeper in this request: which CRM features are needed exactly?

I've come around on this. You and jas are right - WHMCS does have most of these things already.Mostly what I use a CRM for nowadays is accepting new leads, keeping track of communications, following up, and walking them through my sales workflow where, at the end, they become what would be a typical WHMCS client. So yes an easy way to distinguish these leads from clients would be good. In any event, (whoever it may concern) please take a look at X2CRM either for ideas or if integration is done - it's the younger cooler brother of SugarCRM made by some of the same people and has some great ideas inside it.
I hope to see this (Particulary the details that jas8522 just wrote sometime ago) in a future release
Please consider SugarCRM as well.