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integration of Stripe payments with Mobilepay

Hello. Is it possible you look into integration of Stripe payments with Mobilepay?

I got this message from Stripe when trying to activate Mobilepay on our client

I'm afraid we don't have access to your backend. It should be added on your integration, and that's something that we don't have access to.
Then you will need to reach out to them to confirm how you can update the payment methods showing on the checkout page since they're the ones handling your checkout page.

You're most welcome. Glad I could help, Imad.
Mobile pay is already activated on your account but in order for it to show up on your checkout page, you will need to reach out to WHCMS.
We don't have access to their backend as they built their own integration. Please reach out to them for further assistance since they're the ones managing your application.

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