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solar date

support solar date

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Technical Support: Avatar

Hello,It would be great if the support staff (In answering a ticket) the operator has a photo as avatar.Would be great, that customers can also atta...

48 Votes
Recurring Tasks/To-Do's/Projects/Tickets

I am shocked to not find anywhere (unless I didn't look hard enough) a request for recurring tasks/to-do's/projects/tickets!I would really love to be...

47 Votes
Bulk select and remove products

The option to select multiple products and next deleting them would be helpful for people with a lot of products, for example, a range of dedicated se...

45 Votes
Ability to undo last action.

Like the undo in word, this could undo 'stpuid' actions. This that are difficult to manually re-ajust, this could unmerge tickets, or restore a delete...

44 Votes
Desktop notifications

Support for Chrome desktop notifications for new tickets, etc. would be awesome. Having to rely on email for notifications is inconvenient, and could...

43 Votes
Consolidated Domain Renewal & Invoice Reminders

We have several customers with multiple domains and hosting services. Many often complaint that they get too many individual emails for domain renewal...

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Staff Payroll

I think there should be a feature to handle out going payments, have a section where admin's can define staff members, control their base wage / salar...

38 Votes
Ability to hide pricing information

It would be great to have the ability to hide pricing information from all areas of WHMCS for certain admins/admin groups. Some admins only offer supp...

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Module password masking from admin area

It have been more secure to do module password masking rather than the password is shown to all the staffs, maybe there could be a setting in configur...

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Make admin interface fully templated

Make all pages of the admin interface templated (like the clientarea) so that WHMCS admins can set up their installations to exactly meet their busine...

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Hyper-V Automation/Provisioning Module

We would like to see a new module that can / will; - Provision new virtual machines automatically (without the use of WebsitePanel) - Automatically...

32 Votes
Limit Promotion Code to Specific Clients

Hi WHMCS staffs:Happy new year !This will be great when admin can create a promotion code for only one client . This will be helpful for letting resel...

32 Votes
setting default DNS for each registrar

The ability to set different DNS for domain names depending on the registrar that is used to register the domain.This would be beneficial for those wh...

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WHMCS Admin login as SAML SP (Service provider)

I love to see that admin authentication can be done through SAMLWHMCS needs to be a SAML SP so for instance i can do a SAML Autentication against AZ...

31 Votes
Option to hide some Client Profile Fields during the checkout signup process

Aside of having the Optional Client Profile FieldsIt might be useful to have an option to Hide some Client Profile Fields that we might not need durin...

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Add a recalculate option to Bulk Pricing Updater

Hello!I think it would be usefull if you add a checkbox to do a "Recalculate" instead of manually fill the "New Recurring Price" f...

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Make Reason for Cancellation Request optional

I don't see the point in forcing users to enter a reason for cancelling their product.If a customer has had a bad experience, it will only anger them...

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We need a new payment module for the new Google digital Merchants wallet affective Nov. 20 of this year

The new google wallet for us will be automatically affective on Nov. 20, 2013. The API is totally different then the check out so this will need to b...

28 Votes
Assign Affiliate to Customer Account & View Customer Information

It would be great if we could assign affiliates to actual customer accounts instead of just to specific orders.This [u]has been requested for the past...