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Add a recalculate option to Bulk Pricing Updater


I think it would be usefull if you add a checkbox to do a "Recalculate" instead of manually fill the "New Recurring Price" field.

When this option is check I expect WHMCS do a "Recalculate on Save" action for the selected products, billing cycle, status and currency.

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    Bulk pricing recalculate tool
    I'd like to suggest this in addition to the bulk pricing updater. In the bulk pricing updater you have to pick the period like monthly, yearly, etc and update the price for each separately. This is more than needed in most situations.More common scenario is there is a price increase causing us to increase our prices.First thing we do is update the prices on the plans to the new pricing.At this point we just want to re-calculate pricing for existing customers using this plan. A simple tool that would recalculate the pricing for each service is all that is needed. I've already put the new pricing in the service plan.In situations where we've had just a couple customers I've done this manually where instead of using the bulk pricing updater tool for 3 services I've just gone into each, checked the box to recalculate, and clicked save.

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