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Desktop notifications

  • Brendan L. shared this idea 8 years ago
  • Admin Area

Support for Chrome desktop notifications for new tickets, etc. would be awesome. Having to rely on email for notifications is inconvenient, and could be done better.
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    Need desktop notifications (chrome)
    This will be great feature if it is implemented.WHMCS users should be able to customize the notification settings.


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Yes. This is definitely required.
yes please!!! email notification is old!!!! we need more ways to notify our customers....
Staff, please merge this request with:
Please enable Desktop Notification regardless of any Browser.
It would be easier if we get notification, as we work continuously on servers, and Desktop notifications can alert us about any New ticket or Client reply.
This is definitely needed so I don't have to rely on getting email notifications for tickets.
Might even be good to not link to a certain browser but a nifty little app that does only that?