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Ability to undo last action.

  • Real Webspace shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Admin Area

Like the undo in word, this could undo 'stpuid' actions. This that are difficult to manually re-ajust, this could unmerge tickets, or restore a deleted client, invoice, or ticket. Unblocked a blocked ticket (you realise you blocked a client in the spam protection).

I realise this could be seen a as stupid proof fetaure and may take alot of integration, so just wondering what other people think.

I don't think it should be easy to undo, just have the ability, in other words. help > undo "Please fill in your password" This is what will be undone "delete client x".


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OR Ask confirmation for such actions. For example, mistakenly clicking "Activate as affiliate" link instead of open support ticket. There should be at least a confirmation
Please add this.

No entiendo porque aun no es una opcion:)
You could achieve some of this easily with soft-deletes in the database.

It may be better to have confirmation dialogues but I'm sure most people will just [x] Don't show this again.

Accidents happen, but thats what backups are for.
I deleted a quote... I had to restore a backup!
Just deleted a ticket with 25 emails in it by mistake! How do I restore it?