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Assign Affiliate to Customer Account & View Customer Information

  • Chase Watts shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Admin Area

It would be great if we could assign affiliates to actual customer accounts instead of just to specific orders.

This [u]has been requested for the past 5 years[/u] but has yet to be implemented.

The primary reason for this is a lot of us have dedicated affiliates who bring in a lot of signups and we need the ability to assign them to a customer account so that they can earn off future orders.

Additionally, affiliates should be able to view a list of all customers they referred so that they can get in touch with them about any problems they may be having to help retain that person as a customer.


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Great Idea. But i think an hook can also do this.
Very very important.
I'm still renewable on WHMCS and still not used it because of this my current company has lifetime commission for all orders. but since this feature is not implemented on WHMCS I'm not able to use it.
This is important since I'm using WHMCS as our Billing system and using the "affiliate" system as my commission system for my sales reps... so having a contact assigned to an affiliate and have it give them credit for all orders as long as the affiliate account is active would be perfect for this type of usage for WHMCS. Have customer assigned to affiliate, since they are already tagged as that, then it just would be as simple as creating a field that would have their affiliate id, and then when orders come in, if no cookie or anything to mark it, but that field is set, then just check that the affiliate is still active and if so, give the credit. Easy peasy. IMHO.
Agreed. This is exactly the purpose we need this for. WHMCS make this a priority. Or can we pay for custom dev or an add-on. I'll happily pay additional each month for this function
+1 Here!

100% need this. Would be a very important addition to our billing system.
+1 for affiliate referrals being managed at client/service level instead of by order. Affiliates should be credited for future orders by their referred clients, and with so many people now using PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, relying on the presence of the original referral cookie just isn't enough.
I was able to have this custom built by The module was custom called Affiliate Assignment, but I would guess Joe could make it available.
I am thinking of creating a plugin, only issue is, it would be a bit difficult to implement for each end user as it would require creating a custom field and custom fields are handled by an ID that is different for each and every installation of WHMCS.
+1 for me. Was anyone able to get anything custom built that does this?
Adding an optional "lifetime" affiliate option is one of the missing features of the current system - we "fake" it by copy into the affiliate code into a client-custom-field if blank on client and set on order, and update the order if blank on order and completed in client-custom field, but would prefer this to be a standard feature.