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solar date

  • Sadegh Nikaien shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Admin Area

support solar date


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Hello, please add solar date to whmcs, we need it
Please add shamsi (Solar) Date to whmcs. we need it.
Jalali date pls
There is a hook available to support Jalali date :
Please add shamsi (Solar) Date to whmcs. we need it.
It will be good if whmcs has Jalali Calendar in it,
there is a good php library for converting gregorian to jalali here :
download :
Jalāli Calendar :)
If whmcs has sun calendar in the defaoiult it is very good because we have a lot of users that they use whmcs

Dear Sadegh,

Solar Calender is one thing and Jalali Calender is another! :) They are two different concept... Actually Persian Calender (Jalali Calender) is one type of Solar Calender types. Here are types of Solar Calenders (as the wiki says):

- Gregorian calendar- Julian calendar- Bahá'í calendar- Coptic calendar- Iranian calendar (Jalāli Calendar)

And you know well what differences between them. Here, You are requesting Persian Calender (Jalali Calender)... So you should define it true...

can you explain to me change on theme level our base system ?
@ WHMCS Dev Team: Contact me for Persian Language & Jalali Calender options. I've made them before and they are ready to use and implant into the system.
Not Solar Date!! You mean Jalali Calender... The persian calender which is based on Hijri Shamsi... Also you should request for Persian Language Support in WHMCS...