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Ability to hide pricing information

It would be great to have the ability to hide pricing information from all areas of WHMCS for certain admins/admin groups. Some admins only offer support and do not need to know what clients are paying.


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I'm shocked to find this out :( how in the world is this not an option yet?
Hi Edan,
With an average of just 4 votes each year, this request hasn't garnered as much support as some other suggestions. The higher trending requests are more likely to be considered first. Please do keep advocating for this suggestion and we can potentially consider it in future.
Very much required, whmcs should give this option to hide, data is important these days :)
I also agree that this is a necessary feature.

I cant belive that after nearly 10 years this has not been implemented.

With so many hosting companies using contract staff or even outsourcing this would be a welcome feature to be able to hide pricing. It could be made part of the roles permissions selector.
Yes, I totally agree, we so need this feature ASAP.
Is this supported in the WHMCS 7? Not nice having all your outsourced tech guys being able to see how much all your customers are paying! Lucky enough I trust my techs and use a reputable company. I would have thought WHMCS would have offered such functionality a long time ago! I m surprised it has not been added yet.
I agree. My Technical and Support Staff need not see the Incomes/pricing infos. Looking forward to this feature.
I totally agree. Even the admin homepage should not show every admin the income summary for today, this month and this year
It also shows in products/services which is where staff go after clicking on client name from support ticket to get login details for account/server. There is no need for support staff to see any pricing information...
Henrique Schiavo wrote:I agree.
i am unable to vote
here is an example, [img][/img]
I agree.