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Technical Support: Avatar

It would be great if the support staff (In answering a ticket) the operator has a photo as avatar.

Would be great, that customers can also attach your photograph (can be useful to validate the person)

Also, I attach to customers original invoice issued by our government. Can you create a space, for the view the legal invoice in PDF?


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Any update on Technical Support: Avatar ?
Is this even considered ?
Any movement on this?
Gravatar is widely used already (WordPress for example) and would be a great addition if it could be added
Prior to WHMCS, we utilized ClientExec, and it supported Gravatar use. It did help to personalize the experience for end customers. One thing noted is that in the latest WHMCS, Gravatars display within the Admin area, but not for client-facing tickets. Is there any way to open that up in a future minor release?
I'm also looking for this future, having an option for an avatar/pic incl. highly popular Gravatar option to be added to company/individual profile setting in WHMCS. This makes dealing with clients more on a personal level which is becoming an industry standard in CRMs/Ticket systems. I've came crossed already WHMCS based portals having this future already implemented (Gravatar) and it's really nice to work with. What actual reason anyway why this future had been declined for?
I am using gravatar here I believe to display this avatar, it is easy and fast...
grrr typo
Gravatar would be good. It allows someone to link their Gravatar account to multiple email addresses, and specify which avatar to use for any given email address. Someone could therefore use a specific email for their staff account on a WHMCS installation, and link that to the picture they wanted showing.
We like the suggestion. One option to implement this would be to introduce Gravatar support. Does anyone have any experience using Gravatar - would it be a good fit for WHMCS and help solve the need for personalization in the ticket system?
if I may add to the feedback?
I think it would be great for our clients to be able to see who is helping them and us be able to see who we are helping since we deal face to face with our clients 6 to 7 months out of the year.
It would allow us to create more than just a passing bond with them as we assisted them both in front of and behind the scenes.
This would be an awesome idea. for photo of the staff who's replying to tickets.
Yes it is. Surely it would be easy to you add an avatar. You can make this change for the next version 5.2.4.
Sounds great and they should do it in a few mins it's got to be easy for people who know how WHMCS tables work since if we was to edit something we'd probably break it.
Sorry. Then, read the option of adding an area to add government invoices (With view PDF)