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Limit Promotion Code to Specific Clients

Hi WHMCS staffs:
Happy new year !
This will be great when admin can create a promotion code for only one client . This will be helpful for letting resellers on our site has their own discount rate .


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A must feature
You could create a free product that in not-purchaseable from client area, assign it only manually for whoever you want, and then make coupons that only work if client has THAT product that you manually created.

That way, you can create promotions that only work for special groups that you designed manually.
I support that! and for a notification or when we sent an invoice its will sending to two emails for the same client, this is very important because one client always have more than one email address.
I am so eagerly waiting for such feature.
Same problem.
We have several separate clients with same developers team.
It will be grade if developers could see all their projects with one login.
Sometimes it is not about multiple companies but multiple locations. I have a client that has 42 stores, each store must be billed on it's own and has it's own products and services. The same person pays the bill though and only has one email address.
It's a very important feature .

I have the same issue too
Agreed - I have this exact issue too - multiple billing locations, but one company administrator with one email address who needs to manage billing for all of them.... it's embarrassing not being able to offer them a solution. Instead, they have to 17 unique email addresses?? Crazy.
Isn't that the same as:
I think that a single user should have the ability for products to be invoiced to an alternate company name. Even if it were an option we could manually modify as an admin so invoices are accurate with the requested company details.

An example from several of our clients is they may not even have an email account for the alternate company/product, we have to therefore set them up with an email account entirely dedicated for a second or 3rd WHMCS account. Then the users get all confused and it costs us more time than it's is worth and we would have been best to just leave them on a manual billing process.
I agree, If a client of yours has separate companies they should handle that and should be registered with you as an agent of those companies.

EG: "Multiple company hosting group". Is an umbarella for "Company name 1" thru "Company name 10" or whatever the case may be. It should be the "group company" that is billed, and they handle the billing to the other companies sub companies.

It isn't your responsibility to bill each single business in this scenario, especially when one person is making all of the payments to you.

The group company needs to take your invoice and use it to manage their own accounts, dont forget that company is likely to be charging the smaller company some sort of fees for this management. Why should you be billing individually so they have no work to do? that makes no sense.

Look at it this way. Would you allow a reseller to have you bill their clients seperately, collect those payments from the clients and still have the reseller taking a cut? its the same situation, they are not your clients they are the clients of the group company.

There are companies out there that work along that line, but if your not running one of them then you shouldnt be billing seperately.
What you need to understand is, every company should be billed separately.

A company is a single entity as a user is a single entity.

Every company should have it's own account as well as every user should have their own account.

WHMCS keeps that separation in proper order. That customer of yours will have major problems when the taxman comes and audits the businesses and they are all mixed up.

Then it will be YOUR fault for mingling the different companies. You should make it a company policy that each company is considered it's own client.

When I create accounts for multiple companies I use my company's domain for those specific accounts for instance:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

those are separate companies and separate accounts.

I say WHMCS is doing a fine job in this regard!
just found this:

good discussion but didn't end up with a real solution
We also need that, thanks!
I have to say this feature is a crucial for WHMCS if they would like to provide promotions for domain . For example currently a registrar offered 50% off for registering domain , but it didn't for renew or transfer . Providing a ticket for this domain cause lose money for renew and transfer domain order !!
It is a bug that should resolve ASAP .
I would love a domain promotion feature this is bugging me now, because WHMCS staff are thinking like I am but it's not working. And I think they think I am lying lol.
I can't see this , I found it :
but it doesn't same as my needs . It will enable if in promotions we can add client ID . I think it will very useful .