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Recurring Tasks/To-Do's/Projects/Tickets

  • Joshua Davis shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Admin Area

I am shocked to not find anywhere (unless I didn't look hard enough) a request for recurring tasks/to-do's/projects/tickets!

I would really love to be able to set projects (within Project Management) to reoccur. Or have to-do's reoccur.

The reason for this, is I have a client who ordered Monthly Website Maintenance through me. Every month, I have to update his website, etc. etc... Well, it would be splendid to have a task or project set to reoccur automatically every month so that I don't have to try and remember and manually create the new task/project myself. I could just use one project or task and never close it... but I want to document each month's task in a new/separate ticket or project with an affiliated ticket.

So anyway, please please please add the option to set projects and to-do's to reoccur automatically and it would also be great if when they automatically reoccur, it create's a new ticket for that client too.


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Must needed To-Do's ordered by Due date on the Dashboard!
I want to add my vote, and some input on this: We also do website maintenance. Instead of using a 3rd party addon (which may, or may not be maintained properly and may not be very secure), I think it would have been better something like this is part of the "Products/Services" in WHMCS.

Let me explain: Let's say you create a Product/Service which includes website hosting, domain registration and then website maintenance. Just like you tick the boxe "Require Domain" and complete the "Module Settings", there could be an extra tick box "Add to Todo List" or "Add follow up reminder" or something like that. Now, as soon as this service is paid, it gets added to the "Todo List". This way as soon as the service is paid you get a reminder about it.
We have a similar service we offer for our hosting clients. I think this process is great.
Just to let you know there is a 3rd party module that now handles this. It only used to handle one-time provisioning but I requested that the developer implement "recurring tasks" several months ago and they did:
When a recurring invoice is paid, the tasks recur, however I'm still trying to get them to implement recurring invoices so that new invoices are automatically added to the project as well as the tasks. They haven't implemented it yet.
For sure, add this feature.
Please add this, would be very helpful.