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Hyper-V Automation/Provisioning Module

  • Peter G shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Admin Area

We would like to see a new module that can / will;

- Provision new virtual machines automatically (without the use of WebsitePanel)

- Automatically terminate/suspend/limit access to virtual machine when certain conditions/rules are met

- Option to require new accounts / new orders be approved by staff member/employee (afterwards, automatically provisioned if approved)

- More options set in Products/Services page that enable you to set options such as CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth, IP's, etc.

- Ability to assign IP's to the newly provisioned machine from both the admin area & client area

- Statistics in the WHMCS client area showing bandwidth usage, disk space, etc.

- Ability to control virtual machine through the client area (start, stop, restart, re-install os, etc.)

I believe this would make a great module for a lot of hosting/vps providers, given that more and more people are looking into Windows virtual machines. However I do think that this should be a commercial/paid module due to the extensive coding & integration involved.
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    Hyperv managment through whmcs
    HiI know that this might not be the first time you heard someone asking for it, But there is a huge lake of hyper-v control panel aside of websitepanel that would like to whmcs giving the administrator and the clients access to at least reboot/boot/shutdown or reset their vps through their client areaI wish whmcs would comeup with something for this to solve all the hassle all people like myself would have to go through switching to hyper-v for costs. I will be the first to buy this solution you will provide if this idea had catch your attentionThanks
    Hyper-V Automation/Provisioning Module
    This was brought up a 3 years ago, but since then Hyper-v has become a force to be reckoned with in the market-space. WE would like basic features at a minimum of start/start/reboot. Ultimately to be able to autoprovision and console would be great! Azure pack and System center Application controller are far too advanced for most users and need a basic alternative


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Could you please consider this ?
Thank you for submitting this feature request. Unfortunately the demand just isn't there for supporting Hyper V automation at this time - the amount of time and effort that would need to go into building this functionality would prevent us from developing features and functionality that positively impact all of our customers.
wish would have to do it without the need of websitepanel for it or any 3rd party.
I wish Whmcs would consider this, I dont see anyone could do it other than them honestly and the market is totally open for it, there is no one provide this currently. I will be the first to buy it
I don't think anything like this would ever appear in WHMCS unless they intend of entering the enterprise market.

Developing for Hyper-V/SCVMM is quite complicated (trust! I know) and it would require evolving WHMCS beyond it's scope. WHMCS is a billing interop for existing control panels or provisioning systems, it would be easier for them to integrate a a platform that manages Hyper-V/SCVMM rather than directly integrate it themselves....Although, there are several Microsoft hosting frameworks for simplifying integration, HMC/MPS and the new system provision framework (SPF) and Katal which offers a minified Azure over SCVMM, but IMO all of those frameworks are too restrictive on functionality and environmental configurations, even the new SPF/Katal frameworks for SCVMM don't provide enough flexibility in their API to be able to offer a mix of shared and enterprise hosting solutions, So if WHMCS did ever do it, I would prefer it was done properly by hooking remotely into the powershell applets of hyper-v/scvmm. But to do that properly they need to build a queuing/brokering system to manage powershell calls (because they can take time to execute) and then you're getting into developing architectures like SOA, which is again beyond the architecture of WHMCS and probably their developers.