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Auto Charge Different Services to Different Credit Cards

Now that WHMCS has support for multiple credit cards, I would love to see the ability to select which credit card is associated with which product/ser...

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Invoice Usage Billing Monthly for Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual Products

The "SnapShot" Usage Billing actually is recommended only to the monthly billing cycle, but this does not always represent the reality of th...

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Option for multiple free domains

Hi,in germany it is very common, that you get more than one domain for free, when ordering a hosting package. I feel like germany is the only country...

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Create products for subdomains through "Use existing domain" option in cart

This used to be available in previous versions on WHMCS. I got this response from support when asking about it:"As part of the Domain Checker ref...

32 Votes
Milestones & Sub-Tasks

You should be able to create milestones and then under the milestone, add in the tasks and sub-tasks that need to be done in order to get the mileston...

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Limit Promotion Code to Specific Clients

Hi WHMCS staffs:Happy new year !This will be great when admin can create a promotion code for only one client . This will be helpful for letting resel...

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Add API for domain pricing updates

I would like to see new API functions to be able to update domain pricing for new registrations and for existing domains.Basically it should be possib...

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Provide an option to email on domain sync only if a problem is encountered

As a business operator managing domain names with WHMCS, my quality of life would be improved by limiting the number of domain sync emails received to...

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PayPal non-subscription setting in new module

The old PayPal module allowed to disable subscriptions and to only allow PayPal for one-off payments.I would like to see this feature in the new PayPa...

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Dark Mode

Can we get a variation of the current admin theme with a "dark mode"All black background, Various contrasting colors for text and buttons

32 Votes
setting default DNS for each registrar

The ability to set different DNS for domain names depending on the registrar that is used to register the domain.This would be beneficial for those wh...

32 Votes
Mass changing of ticket status and department

That would be great if you could enable the ability to change the status and department of multiple tickets directly from the main menu ( without ente...

31 Votes
Search clients by Tax ID / VAT Number

After updating the WHMCS to the latest release (7.8.2) and run the VAT migration tool, in order to move the VAT Number customfield values to the new T...

31 Votes
Docker and/or containers

As a company our systems are being replaced by containers instead of VMs. It gives us more control over our releases. We would like to run WHMCS from...

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WHMCS Admin login as SAML SP (Service provider)

I love to see that admin authentication can be done through SAMLWHMCS needs to be a SAML SP so for instance i can do a SAML Autentication against AZ...

31 Votes
Option to hide some Client Profile Fields during the checkout signup process

Aside of having the Optional Client Profile FieldsIt might be useful to have an option to Hide some Client Profile Fields that we might not need durin...

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Change how upgrade/downgrade amount works when changing billing cycle

If you've configured your WHMCS products with monthly, semi-annually and annually billing periods where semi-annually and annually is priced with a di...

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Change of Registrant & Trades

Hi there,since I started with WHMCS Development and pushing the HEXONET Modules (the so-called ISPAPI Branch), I wondered why WHMCS did not consider i...

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Staff Clock in - Clock Out - Report.

Clock in staff - Clicks *Clock In*...Report starts:Michael Clocked in at 08:00 shift started...Michael viewed tickets at 08:00Michael replied to ticke...

29 Votes
WHMCS SMS Verification

Please considerWHMCS SMS Verification add-on to verify clients contact number.