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Add srv records through dns management interface in clientarea in whmcs

Currently we manage srv records through enom panel . And if clients can manage srv records through dnsmanagement in whmcs clientarea, it will be more useful. Please check on it and add it as new feature on latest whmcs release.


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If the registrar module supports it you can add SRV records by making a few template changes.
I use HexoNet / CentralNIC / RRProxy with their official registrar module (Not the inbuilt WHMCS version) and you can simply customize the theme to add SRV records as an option along with others.

If you are using other providers you could make the same edits to the DNS Management template and see if it works for you.
Since this is a very common record, what is the status?
Hi Swehoster,
With an average of just 6 votes each year, this request hasn't garnered as much support as some other suggestions. The higher trending requests are more likely to be considered first. Please do keep advocating for this suggestion and we can potentially consider it in future.
And additionally, you could make a module-setting, where you can specify the additional record-types. Like [HTTPS, SRV, CA].
It's normal that not every provider has every record-type. When you look at the specs, there are really many. So making it configurable makes sense.
I was wondering if anything has come of this for enom?
I am looking for this for LogicBox as well.
I am waiting for this too. Specifically, for LogicBox module, applying to, Net Earth One, ResellerClub, etc.
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Adding a new DNS record type would also require updating the registrar modules to support it. Is there a particular registrar you'd like to see this feature developed for?
yes. Namecheap, SmartNic.
Last one is a custom developed Addon.
PLease provide SRV, we have developer.
Would be happy to add the SRV record for OpenSRS, Enom and Ascio.