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Would be great to finally add as an officially supported registrar. They've grown a ton over the years and have an incredibly easy to use API. Luckily they have an available module we can install but would be better if it was officially supported by WHMCS.


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This should be merged with this request:
Why do people care so much about this being native? The module built by the NameSilo team on GitHub is pretty decent (albeit they don't fix bugs super fast, but neither does WHMCS half the time), and there are two paid (and fairly cheap) options in the marketplace (one of which we built).
- NameSilo Official:
- NameSilo Extended:
- NameSilo Advanced:
Been with ResellOne, but that's being shut down. Namesilo was my alterantive. Surprised to see it not in WHMCS natively.
This is a good opportunity for WHMCS to build The interface. enom price changes are killing business
Why doesn't NameSilo have a native integration here?
namesilo is one of the best domain reseller and the cheapest one in this industry. Their support is soooo great.

their own whmcs module also works with (Refistrar TLDs Sync) option which have been recently added in whmcs 10.

Their marketpalce is awesome to sell your domains safely.

The cheapest and the best as I have used many domain registrar.
I personally use as my domain registrar, their control panel is advanced and simple and also domain price are cheap with frequent offers.
Why not integrate this great registrar with over 3 million domains on their portfolio?
Their Domain price is affordable from other register, easy interface and easy to integrate with WHMCS.
They are great module registrar and help us save thousands of bucks. There is so easy to integrate. Right now their WHMCS module can't sync expiry date.
I would switch to NameSilo today if there was an official module. I have been using them for years and they are my preferred regsitrar.
Yes please. I really like NameSilo and I have moved some domains to them and on some TLDs they are my preferred registrar.

While they have their own module which does work, they do everything through their own cron, not linking into the WHMCS modulename_Sync and modulename_TransferSync hooks and (thereby) completely ignoring the WHMCS settings
Sync Next Due Date
Enable - Number of Days to Set Due Date in Advance of Expiry: and in a reply to a ticket I had placed with them they see nothing wrong with their approach :(
It does work, but not for our use. I had to re-write part of their module so that it supports the above setting since I just can't have any domains expiring if a client's credit card fails for one reason or another and then there is no buffer zone to straighten that out; and I feel it is better to sync the next due dates rather than rely on manual or initial entries.