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Better Additional Domain Fields #2

Maintaining additional domain fields is unnecessary complex in the current way of maintaining it over config file.How to improve:(1) Having a possibil...

36 Votes
Make Registrar TLD sync tool automatable with cron job

Please add automation to the new tool "Registrar TLD sync"

36 Votes
Remove addons displayed on Invoice when not purchased

Currently add-ons are shown on every invoice for the product associated even if they are not purchased. Agreed they should be available as an upgrade...

36 Votes
Make admin interface fully templated

Make all pages of the admin interface templated (like the clientarea) so that WHMCS admins can set up their installations to exactly meet their busine...

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36 Votes
Hyper-V Automation/Provisioning Module

We would like to see a new module that can / will; - Provision new virtual machines automatically (without the use of WebsitePanel) - Automatically...

35 Votes
Ability to hide pricing information

It would be great to have the ability to hide pricing information from all areas of WHMCS for certain admins/admin groups. Some admins only offer supp...

35 Votes
Add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system

Hi, Can you please add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system?Now we can sent emails to our customers via the ticket system, but sometim...

35 Votes
Monthly Billing over a fixed term contract

I would like to bill per month for a product which has a fixed 12 or 24 month term (a term contract would have lower monthly payments than a no term c...

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34 Votes
Module password masking from admin area

It have been more secure to do module password masking rather than the password is shown to all the staffs, maybe there could be a setting in configur...

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33 Votes
Set Financial Year

Not everyones financial year runs January -> DecemberOurs runs April -> March each year, so we end up running two reports and manually combining...

33 Votes
Option for multiple free domains

Hi,in germany it is very common, that you get more than one domain for free, when ordering a hosting package. I feel like germany is the only country...

33 Votes
Domain expiration email

We need to be able to automatically send a "domain expired" email, so we can confirm it's expired, talk about the grace period/redemption fe...

33 Votes
Ability to assign specific administrators to have access to specific clients' only

We have several staff members who are assigned full time to specific clients. In some cases they're not even staff, but rather contractors. In that...

32 Votes
Milestones & Sub-Tasks

You should be able to create milestones and then under the milestone, add in the tasks and sub-tasks that need to be done in order to get the mileston...

32 Votes
Limit Promotion Code to Specific Clients

Hi WHMCS staffs:Happy new year !This will be great when admin can create a promotion code for only one client . This will be helpful for letting resel...

32 Votes
Add API for domain pricing updates

I would like to see new API functions to be able to update domain pricing for new registrations and for existing domains.Basically it should be possib...

32 Votes
Provide an option to email on domain sync only if a problem is encountered

As a business operator managing domain names with WHMCS, my quality of life would be improved by limiting the number of domain sync emails received to...

32 Votes
Cancel Invoice on Termination

Hi,I’m sure this has been discussed before, but not seen a feature request for it.Why when the cron terminates a hosting account is the relating invoi...

32 Votes
Dark Mode

Can we get a variation of the current admin theme with a "dark mode"All black background, Various contrasting colors for text and buttons

32 Votes
setting default DNS for each registrar

The ability to set different DNS for domain names depending on the registrar that is used to register the domain.This would be beneficial for those wh...