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Auto Charge Different Services to Different Credit Cards

  • Karl Stallknecht shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

Now that WHMCS has support for multiple credit cards, I would love to see the ability to select which credit card is associated with which product/service in WHMCS.

With the current implementation, we have to set the payment method of the product/service to mail in/check and then instruct the client to manually pay their invoices each month. It's nice that the credit card is auto saved for them, but still a hassle that they have to manually do it and can't let auto pay handle this.


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There is a third party module that has been developed to allow for this functionality - see
Any updates on this? It's another great option to make customers lives easier and to improve the overall user experience.
We often have multi-location customers that require different cards be used for different locations... this would be VERY helpful and cut down on the need to setup different client accounts for each location.
I agree this would be a very user friendly feature for customers. We have several customers that would take advantage of this feature.
YES! This would be an amazing feature! I currently have someone in a situation that needs this. I have to set her up to mail-in in order to avoid the wrong CC being charged, which adds more work in the future.
For now, just turn off auto debit under their profile