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136 Votes
hCaptcha - Alternative to reCAPTCHA

hCaptcha is basically the same as reCAPTCHA, with some major differences:1) They respect the privacy of your visitors.2) The problems visitors solve a...

41 Votes
Bulk select and remove products

The option to select multiple products and next deleting them would be helpful for people with a lot of products, for example, a range of dedicated se...

107 Votes
Prevent invoices from being changed

Once an invoice has been "issued" accounting practice in some countries does not allow for the invoice to be modified.I know from a technica...

57 Votes
Customise Domain Sync batch size above 50

We have 6000+ active domains right now. With the domain sync cron set to run every hour (the most frequent available setting) and syncing 50 domains o...

4 Votes
Invoice Log

Add Log Invoice option as done in tickets.

55 Votes
solar date

support solar date

1 Votes
2FA Remember device

2FA should have the ability to remember a device for a certain period so clients do not have to enter 2FA EVERY SINGLE TIME.

149 Votes
Sales Call Scheduler

We would like this type of functionality. We also like to call our customers a few times per year, and also have been just putting a 'NOTE' in, but w...

15 Votes
Using multiple WHMCS instances with GoCardless

Gocardless only works with 1 whmcs install, configuring it on a second install will break it on the other install.When I setup Gocardless and it does...

129 Votes
End of Month Billing

I have a few clients that would like to receive services and then pay at the end of the month for services received.In other words, the bill would be...

15 Votes
Cancellation Requests Sort

Will you please consider allowing to sort the cancellation requests page in the admin area (cancelrequests.php)? Would be great to be able to sort by...

3 Votes
Add a way to update a Ticket Predefined Reply via the API

Hi,I can see that I can read the information with the GetTicketPredefinedReplies API call - But there is no way to create a new one or update an exist...

11 Votes
Create/Update/Delete ToDo API

Besides an API that creates a ToDo which someone already suggested 3 years back. An API to update and delete a ToDo would also be welcome.

3 Votes
Outgoing email frequency

If we could set a specific number of emails that could be sent out in a span of time would be great. For example, you have a queue of 1000 emails to s...

0 Votes
Cart recovery email, order page recovery, and any related built-in automation system needed

Hello,I want to ask about the built-in email marker solution.Is there any feature for cart recovery email, order page recovery, and any related automa...

9 Votes
Sales representative / Account Manager

It would be nice to have the ability to assign an account manager or sales representative for a customer. This account manager would be a whmcs admin,...

21 Votes
IP Range in API IP Access Restriction and Whitelisted IP

We need the Ability to add IP Range in API IP Access Restriction and Whitelisted IP in General Settings -->Security. This is a must nowadays and a...

136 Votes
Product/Service/Hosting renewal notices

Hosting accounts need their own renewal notice system, just like domains have. Having only the invoice generation is not enough, and it's very unfrien...

81 Votes
Arrears billing

In b2b relations often the need to bill with due date after a service is provided. it would be great if you could add that option for reocurring billi...

29 Votes
Integration with MyData Greece for online invoicing

Hello,Here in Greece, we must connect our erp (whmcs) with tax office for online invoicing. The connection must be done with MyData(which is governmen...